MONDO / TOHO Releases Posters, Toys, and More!

Buckle up … this Thursday, April 7th is going to be big, especially if you’re a fan of giant kaiju and kings of monsters. MONDO TOHO releases dropping at various times this Thursday, that we are excited to share with you all.
First up, a pair of new posters from two of the very best. Kazuki Ōmori’s GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE is one of our favorite Godzilla films, and Tom Whalen has delivered artwork worthy of the giant rose monster made up of plant DNA, Godzilla’s chromosomes, and the cells of a grief-stricken scientist’s deceased daughter. To put it simply, Tom destroyed this.
Two versions are available this week, with a special third version to be released later this year.
Additionally, thrilled to continue Attack Peter’s titanic exploration of Godzilla’s Showa Era with a beautiful new linocut poster for the second film in the iconic filmography: Motoyoshi Oda’s GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN.
All posters will be releasing tomorrow at 11AM CT, as always on The Drop.
On the Toys & Collectibles side of things, more TOHO Soft Vinyl ahead, starting with Thursday’s release: the first JET JAGUAR figures, featuring a colorway inspired by the seminal GODZILLA VS. MEGALON.
This version, with many more to come, goes on sale this Thursday, 4/7 at 12PM CT on The Drop.
Artwork by Tom Whalen
9-color screenprint with metallic inks
Edition of 275
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Artwork by Tom Whalen
8-color screenprint with metallic inks
Edition of 150
Printed by DL Screenprinting
Artwork by Attack Peter
1-color linocut print on Lokta paper
Edition of 120
Printed, Signed, and Numbered by Attack Peter
JET JAGUAR – Godzilla vs. Megalon Variant
Design by Rocom
Sculpt by Tufan Sezer
Paint by Hector Arce
Packaging by Rocom and Mike Bonanno
Photography by Robert Howell
Edition of 400
Limit one per household
Expected shipping is August 2022, ships only to United States and Canada.

And that’s just tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled for the weeks ahead, cant wait for the vinyl soundtrack line: REBIRTH OF MOTHRA.
Just a small tease.

REBIRTH OF MOTHRA – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by Toshiyuki Watanabe
Artwork by Florian Bertmer
Numbered edition of 2000 units
Pressed on 140g “Mothra’s Wings” vinyl
Housed inside a gatefold silver laminate reflective board jacket with obi strip

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