(C506-Review) GOTTHEM #1 gives us the inspiration to believe in heroes again

The world is full of heroes today, Batman or Spiderman are just an example of our daily lives, but… The Gargoyle arrived! Continue with C506 and enjoy this review!

The writer Milan Kovacs and artists Izsak Ambrus and Nora Vincze bring to life GOTTHEM #1, a superhero parody for all ages.

Milan Kovacs, presents us with two incredible stories, the first story is developed together with the artist Izsak Ambrus, we are shown Gareth Goyle, The Gargoyle, protector of the city of GOTTHEM! Who will have the duty to introduce us to a city full of references to popular culture, introducing us to characters like WomanCat or Mr. Head.

Regarding this story, the world that Milan Kovacs managed to build with a first story is incredible, the universe feels familiar, however, each panel makes us recognize that it is a completely different and wonderful universe!

For the art, we can say that it is wonderful, Ambrus style complements the story in an incredible way and his sequential art allows us to follow the story from beginning to end without losing the attention or any detail.

Later we have a second story, written by Milan Kovacs and with art by Nora Vincze, where we are introduced to Barley Quinn!

Barley will welcome us to Arkham Farm, where we can find charismatic characters like FriendCrow or Milky Lily, or my favorite, Professor PiggyDoggo.
Without a doubt, GOTTHEM #1 is a comic full of heart, where we can see a team dedicated to their work and that really has a lot to show us yet!
If you want to know more about GOTTHEM, they are currently financing issues 3 and 4 of the series, so if you don’t want to miss this comic, we invite you to enter the page of your projector where you can learn more about this wonderful story and purchase your copies of GOTTHEM https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/milankovacs/gotthem-1-4-the-superhero-parody-comic-series-continues?ref=profile_created

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