Discover the incredible world of Overmind: A Science Fiction Thriller Graphic Novel

“A renegade A.I. threatens the Terran Empire. Ayla Rin must stop OVERMIND before it’s too late!” with this incredible description we introduce you to Overmind. Continue with us and discover all the details of this amazing graphic novel.

Let’s talk about Overmind

Ayla Rin, Agent of Terra Prime has uncovered a plot against the Imperium!

On a faraway colony planet, the governor is linking his populace into an ethernet where they are being mind-controlled by a rogue artificial intelligence that seeks galactic domination!

Only Alya Rin can stop this nefarious plot and save humanity as we know it.

Let’s meet the creative team

Writer: Jon Del Arroz is an award-winning comic creator with 17 successful crowdfunds for his comics. He’s been working in the field since 2012 and is known as “the Leading Hispanic Voice in Science Fiction”. He is a big fan of tennis and will be waking up early to watch the French Open at the start of this campaign (the matches start at 2 AM California time!).

Artist: Ms. Krimson is a female Canadian comic artist who has worked on dozens of projects over her career spanning over thirty years in the industry. She loves gardening in her free time. Her influences include Gene Colan, Mark Bagley, and Jean-Claude Mézières.

Now let’s talk about the book.

OVERMIND is a 66-Page graphic novel in the tradition of the great science fiction European comics, made for a modern era with the best art and storytelling in comics! It is accompanied by a full-length sequel novel starring Special Agent Ayla Rin by #1 Bestselling Sci-Fi author, Jon Del Arroz.

With this comes a series of impressive variant covers, where we will have a main Cover by Aaron Lopresti (Wonder Woman):

A premium Variant Cover by Miss Sashi:

The Companion Prose Novel Ms. Krimson Cover:

Do you want to see more of the story? say no more, here is the preview of Overmind

Without a doubt, Overmind has a lot to offer, so we invite you to visit their Kickstarter page, where you can get rewards that you won’t find anywhere else!

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