Paizo Unbox: Abomination Vaults Half-Height walls for Pathfinder + the Dwarven Mine

The 1st box is for Pathfinder by paizo, works with 5e too, the 2nd box is a sweet mine from our friends in Archon Studios. Can be used for pathfinder too!

This is the first set of Archon Studios terrain to use half-height walls, easier for players to move their miniatures around. Buy Here:


The Abomination Vaults adventure path was released in 2021 and was Paizo’s first-ever megadungeon adventure. The dungeon was created by the evil sorceress Belcorra Haruvex, who used the sprawling underground vaults as a staging ground for her attempt to create an army of monsters using an artifact tied to one of the Outer Gods, works for Pathfinder, 5e and games you want to upgrade with scenario.

The Dwarven Mine is amazing as well, look at the details of the plastic, pictures will be uploaded soon. Follow Paizo, Hexagon and C506 for absolute geek content.

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