Deep in the Forest – Review *NO SPOILERS*

Political division is old like human kind. Deep in the Forest takes this to a not so dystopic future and comes in a moment where debates are all over the place.

When the members of “The Democratic Club” (subtle, right?) have to get safe after a civil conflict scales, making left and right division even bigger, they discover even thought they have similar opinions, there are differences.

This political thriller sounds great when described, unfortunately the execution is poor. Acting performances are insufficient, editing obstructs the development of the story, dialogues are corny, but at least the main plot stays on the spotlight, no unnecessary sub plots are presented.

The  ending is the best part of the movie, but you are so tired after this journey that you may not enjoy it as much as you should.

Deep in the Forest is a movie with an interesting message but you need to pay a lot of attention to get it, a needle in the haystack.