I came in like a wrecking frog! Sandbox title Amazing Frog? gets huge update

We interrupt your regularly scheduled press releases for an important frog news bulletin. It’s raining frogs! There’s amphibians on jet skis! Oh great heavens, is that a frog controlled drone? Developer Fayju is excited to announce their long term project Amazing Frog? is getting some massive updates in the coming weeks.

Amazing Frog? is an open world sandbox game where players take on the role of flatulent superhero Amazing Frog? as he flops around the beautiful streets of Swindon, UK. Pass through Frog Milk Coffee for a cup of morning joe or jump in a car to head to the fully fitted fart gym where you can stretch, swim, dance and more. Newly added in the game’s most recent update, players can even take to the sea and experience the true beauty of ocean wildlife. Just watch out for their sharp teeth.

Amazing Frog? is currently split into two different versions, coined V2 and V3. V2 is classic Amazing Frog? but with the physics and core systems of the newer V3 version of the game. Fayju has been hard at work transferring everything from the original version of Amazing Frog? into V2 and a massive update is on the way in just a few weeks that will launch V2 officially out of Early Access.

Players that are looking for something new can jump into V3 and experience even more toadally awesome features with the game’s brand new update coming today. V3 of the game will eventually grow from its current tadpole state into the sequel, Amazing Frog? 2. V3 currently features dozens of fun shenanigans to get up to including the soon to be added drones, jet skis and mopeds. Download V3 now and every frog can travel in style via air, land or sea!


  • Explore beautiful Swindon, UK via the eyes of the one and only Amazing Frog?
  • Discover hidden secrets around every corner of the continent
  • Unlock dozens of interactable items
  • Travel in a wide assortment of vehicles (and on pigs)
  • Dress Amazing Frog? in dozens of customizable outfits to fulfill his every froggy desire
  • Hang with dangerously fun wildlife
  • Participate in frog-induced mayhem

Amazing Frog? V2 and V3 are available right now on Steam and iOS. Players that purchase the game will have access to both versions. Want to see what Amazing Frog? gets up to in his free time? Visit him on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

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