Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas New Teaser

Last week, we introduced you to the world of Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, the upcoming RPG from Goat Games that puts you in charge of a tumultuous city-state and allows you to lead a crusade across the world, uniting clans and champions together through multiple generations, with each one of their children inheriting key skills and abilities from the generations that came before them. Players can encounter the game’s diverse and varied champions from many different races and clans, and through our marriage system, create new, unique heroes to assist you in your bid to bring peace and order to Lithas.

See below for some information on some of the more prominent races and clans found in the game.


Lycans live in the far North of Oran, the main continent of this world, surviving in the icy tundra and cold boreal forests known simply as Thul. They live a nomadic lifestyle, hunting the great herds of mammoth and caribou that roam the far north. Often, they travel south to raid human kingdoms for gold, weapons, and food. Some of these Lycans come to live amongst the humans, serving as scouts, mercenaries, or even taking power as deadly warlords. Their powerful strength and bestial instincts make them the masters of the hunt.


The Dragonborn are the descendants of both humans and dragons, their mixed blood giving them enhanced strength and affinity with magic. They have created an empire among the peaks and valleys of the great mountains in the center of Oran. They live in monastery-like cities that hang precariously from the cliff sides. They connect these mountainous cities together through their fleets of airships that soar over their subjects in the valley below. The Dragonborn are also famed for riding wyverns, winged dragon-like creatures that can soar through the sky faster than any ship. These legendary wyvern knights have helped them greatly in their frequent battles with the demonic armies of their Ashland neighbors.


The Dwarves live in prosperous underground kingdoms that dot the western mountains of Oran, building their cities into the mountainsides and in deep caverns rich in gems, gold, and other metals. Almost all dwarves live in these great cities, except a small few that have chosen to live among the other races. They are known for their mastery of smithing and carving stone. The mountains of their homeland are their canvases, and throughout the valleys and peaks of the Dwarven Kingdoms, massive statues and sculptures can be seen carved into the rockface. Dwarven warriors are famous for their ruined weapons that allow them to control the elements and summon unimaginable strengt h.

Dark Elves

The Dark Elves once ruled a mighty kingdom in the lands they knew as Emordalin, the Dark Woods, but it was destroyed in a great cataclysm. Most of the survivors fled, and now their descendants live as refugees forced to beg, steal, and fight for their survival, giving them a reputation as deadly but untrustworthy mercenaries. While most live as refugees, there are a small number of Dark Elves that choose to remain in their homeland, patrolling its borders to defend the world from the horrific creatures inside and seeking a way to reverse the tragedy that befell it.


The Ashlands were the site of the final climactic battle between the gods. Their mighty battle tore open the land, leaving in its wake a realm constantly wreathed in smoke and volcanic fumes, where lava flows like rivers. In this blasted and craggy land, the Demon Princes, descendants of the original servants of the God of Darkness, vye for power against each other. Despite their hellish appearances, demons are not necessarily evil. Some are even known to cooperate and ally themselves with the other races.


The Exalted are Demi-God-like beings that once served the Goddess of Light, but when she was sealed away to preserve her powers, they lost their own. In desperation, they scoured the world of Lithas looking for a way to restore their powers. They found their solution in a mysterious pocket realm of magic known as Athema. There they traded their dwindled powers of light for those of pure elements; becoming living avatars of fire, ice, and lightning, among others. Jealously protective of their newfound power, they sealed the realm away, leaving only sparingly and always returning to the source of their power.

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