LOBO: the Hunted and the Hunter invites us to be part of a legacy of redemption

As we often say, Kickstarter is a wonderful world, where we come across wonderful projects. Today we will talk about LOBO: the Hunted and the Hunter, continue with us and discover what it is about.

Let’s talk about the book

United States, 1894.
Most wolves in America were facing extermination by ever expanding human settlers. In the New World, these newcomers made their homes where they pleased. When food became scarce, wolves were blamed.

As wolves dramatically started to disappear from North America, a small pack survived in northeast New Mexico. This pack was led by an infamous wolf, known as ‘Lobo’.

Lobo’s pack became a scourge to the local ranchers. No matter what they tried, they could not stop the marauding wolves.

Ernest Thompson Seton, a skilled artist, naturalist, and expert wolf hunter learned about the large bounty on Lobo’s head. Seton took up the task of hunting the wolf in late 1893, but as he skilfully laid his traps and poisons, he found that he had met his match against Lobo.

But Seton’s experience in New Mexico changes him. He saw a beautiful, wild country rapidly disappearing. He saw Lobo as a symbol of the wild places and animals disappearing from their native habitat, many on the brink of extinction. This change would inspire him to help protect the wild places and animals he loved so much, and to inspire others to do the same. This is the true story of Ernest Thompson Seton and Lobo, the famous wolf that would change his life and the fate of America’s wildlands.

Robert Young and I are retelling this fantastic story in a beautiful, rich, and dramatically visual way for a new generation of readers. This EXCLUSIVE, 65-page graphic novel will come loaded with extra content like character sketches, unused artwork and concepts, script examples, and a list of approved Wolf Sanctuary organizations to learn more about helping wolves.

Meet the creators

And now, let’s see a preview of this incredible comic!

We invite you to enter the page of this great project, where you can acquire this story, as well as incredible rewards that you will not be able to find anywhere else! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/invisible-ink-studio/lobo-the-hunted-and-the-hunter

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