(C506-Interview) Come with us and meet Mike Spring, creator of Red, White & Broke

In C506 we have already talked about Red, White & Broke. Where we discover the wonderful story of Captain Stronghold. Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Spring, the creator of the series and we talked about Vol. 1 of his wonderful comic, continue with C506 and discover what we have for you!

Mike Spring has given us a story where we discover the difficulties of being a hero, currently 4 issues of Red, White & Broke have been published and a TPB is being financed through Kickstarter.

Without further delay, here is this interview:

C506: Hi Mike, nice to be with you, at C506 we love Red, White & Broke, but first of all, for new readers, could you tell us what Red, White & Broke is all about?

Mike Spring: Red, White & Broke is about a superhero who can’t afford to pay his bills because every time he flies off to save the world, he gets fired. So he goes on national television, reveals his secret identity to the world, and launches a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund his superheroics. It’s about how you logistically function as a superhero when you’re not a billionaire like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark.

C506: And could you tell us where this idea comes from?

Mike Spring: I’ve always been fascinated by how fictional concepts would work in the real world. What if you got super powers and you were just some worker at an office or a retail store? Not every job lets you disappear for hours on end! So I wanted to explore that idea and the rest of the “real world” implications of being a superhero. Who makes the costumes? How do they commute? What do they eat? Stuff like that.

C506: We also got to see that you work with an incredible amount of artists for this comic. How did you feel working with these artists?

Mike Spring: It’s been a dream come true. The series’ main artist, Dennis Tirona, is an absolute master. And then getting big-name artists to contribute covers and artwork like Gene Ha, Russ Braun, Paul Pelletier, Livio Ramondelli, and others has been an absolute blast!
Note from C506: In the current Red, White & Broke volume 1 campaign you can get original art from some of the artists involved in this series!

C506: As we mentioned at the beginning, in C506 we love Red, White & Broke, but we want to know, How has been the reception by the fans?

Mike Spring: I can say in all honesty that it’s been terrific. People really seem to love the humor in the book, and I’ve gotten a ton of really nice comments from readers about how much they’ve enjoyed the book. I’ve also gotten some nice compliments and quotes from industry legends like Jim Shooter, Scott Lobdell, and Todd Dezago, which is incredible!

C506: And well, as we mentioned, volume 1 of this comic is complete, what does the future hold for Red, White & Broke?

Mike Spring: I already have the plot mapped out for Red, White & Broke: Volume 2! It will take things in a different direction but keep the action and comedy that fans have come to expect.

C506: It is incredible to think about the future of Red White & Broke, but tell us, will we have another Mike Spring project in the near future?

Mike Spring: Yes, actually my very next project, before I return for RW&B V2, is a superhero rom-com tentatively titled Super Soulmates. It’s a romance between a super heroine and an average guy, and I’m having a lot of fun writing it. I’m expecting that to launch in January of 2023.

C506: Mike, thanks for sharing with us, finally, is there something you want to say to our readers?

Mike Spring: I believe that comic books should be FUN! That’s my goal with all the books I write. If you like superheroes and you want action and adventure and great villains, but you also want to laugh and smile and have a good time while you’re reading it, Red, White & Broke is a book for you! And I truly appreciate each and every person that takes a chance on me and my book!

Volume 1 of Red, White & Broke is being financed through Kickstarte, so if you want to acquire this comic, as well as obtain rewards that you will not find anywhere else, you can enter their project page:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/themikespring/red-white-and-broke-volume-1-graphic-novel

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