Get Hands-On With Hooded Horse At Gamescom 2022

Hooded Horse are set to debut exclusive hands-on previews of Falling Frontier, Sons of Valhalla, Mars Tactics, and many of their other titles in Cologne at Gamescom 2022. If you’re interested in chatting to the Hooded Horse team and the developers behind their games, sign up to the calendar link below.

This will be the first opportunity for media partners to exclusively play some of Hooded Horse’s most anticipated games, so if you’ve the space in your diary, come and say hi!

You’ll be able to find Hooded Horse in the trade area at booth A.020 in Hall 4.2 and in the public/consumer area at booth F011G In Hall 10.2. The trade booth will provide free food for attendees (who doesn’t love free food?).

The full list of playable games at Gamescom includes:

Falling Frontier, our highly-anticipated sci-fi RTS that many are calling “The Expanse game they’ve always wanted”

Sons of Valhalla, a 2D Viking RPG with base-building elements and charming pixel graphics, like Kingdom but with more story and much more strategic depth

Mars Tactics, an XCOM-inspired 3D squad tactics game set on Mars, against the backdrop of a civil war (and it has an exciting strategic map that affects tactical battles with things like reinforcements, artillery, and even vehicles and airstrikes)

The Way of Wrath, a mystical Bronze Age RPG where you must rebuild and fortify your tribe’s derelict fort ahead of the impeding invasion by the armies of a terrifying dark force


Terra Invicta, the 4X grand strategy game by the creators of XCOM’s Long War mod – start as an agent manipulating the strings on Earth after the crash-landing of an alien spaceship, and expand till the ends of the Solar System as you decide how to fight, negotiate, ally, or submit to this new threat

Against the Storm, a roguelite city builder set in a world where it never stops raining and populated by intelligent beavers, lizards, harpies, and humans – upgrade your citadel while a recurring storm of darkness destroys outposts and reshapes the world

Alliance of the Sacred Suns, a 4X RPG where you take the role of a young but mortal ruler and must restore a decaying empire back to its former glory (or sink it even more into darkness)

Fata Deum, a reinvention of the god genre where you control a young god as they grow in power and compete with other god

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