It’s Time to Gear Up, Jump In and Fight in SUPER PEOPLE

It’s official! The SUPER PEOPLE final beta test is live right now. After opening its virtual doors to the public previously to have players test out the ins and outs of the game, SUPER PEOPLE is hosting its last test until the game launches into Early Access. After UI and gameplay fixes based on player feedback, the team at Wonder People is excited to have players back on Orb Island battling it out once again.

SUPER PEOPLE’s final beta test will run for two weeks until the 31st of August. The game’s first-ever Super Tournament starts today and will be open every day. The tournament is a competitive mode that allows anyone in the beta to participate. Tournaments are composed of Qualifiers, Group Stages and Finals, and take place on 5 regional servers. With $75,000 up for grabs each day, the winning duo of the final will be declared the overall winner, and the top ten placing teams will receive cash prizes.

Additionally, weapon blueprints and gold will be given away during SUPER PEOPLE’s first Final Beta Event, open until August 31st. To participate, you can follow the SUPER PEOPLE socials, YouTube and Twitch and other official SUPER PEOPLE channels to have a chance to win. A “#HASHTAG Challenge” is also taking place where players can earn blueprints, gold or even costumes depending on the number of challenges players complete.

SUPER PEOPLE’s final beta test will feature key improvements to the game including updates to the armory and person supply systems. Damage for different weapon tiers has been readjusted for more balance. The personal supply system has been changed so that it now shows all craftable weapons of the same tier, allowing players to choose their weapon depending on their situation.

Another new key feature to the game is the Training Grounds. This allows new players or seasoned veterans that just want to train, a place to practice with different settings for weapons, classes, skill levels and skill cool times. To help new super soldiers, Wonder People allows access to different classes depending on account level. To start, all players will be able to enjoy the unique characteristics of the Gatling Soldier, Shotgun Master and Sniper, as players level up they will unlock the Marine, SWAT, Drive and other classes that require more strategic thinking.

Finally, returning players will note that a brand new class has been added to the game. The Titan class can set up a giant shield to block enemy attacks or choose to charge forward under the shield’s cover, helping them close the distance with another player in an instant. Placing the Titan’s shield in close quarters with the enemy produces a shockwave which causes damage and a knockback effect.

SUPER PEOPLE’s final beta test is live now. Head over to the official Steam Page to join the fray now or head over to for more information. To stay up to date on all SUPER PEOPLE news, jump over to their official news page.

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