Get ready! Thrilling Suspense Fantasy Vol. 3 comes to Kickstarter – Discover all its secrets!

Do you miss those old-school comics that you can see in the 70s/80s? Do you like suspense stories? We have the perfect project for you! Thrilling Suspense Fantasy Vol. 3 has arrived on Kickstarter. Here at C506 we have all the details of this wonderful comic, so don’t miss this opportunity and continue with us!

Let’s find out what this story is about!

Thrilling Suspense Fantasy is bursting with old-school pulp flavor–and old-school quality as well! TSF reeks of the 70s/80s fantasy revival, proudly sporting retro color and [simulated] paper quality. TSF is a must-have for fans of Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age comics as well as aficionados of the pulps. Further, fans of Oldhammer artwork and Heavy Metal will feel right at home in the grimy and wonderful world of TSF. Set on an earth-like planet called Myrku, the characters inhabit a world transitioning from the time of monarchs to the time of merchants. A low-magic, sword and sandal setting makes every battle deadly and every spell shocking!

And the art is just wonderful!

Visually, TSF screams 80s throwback wizardry, oozing four-color goodness on every page. Painstakingly hand drawn and inked, TSF feels like coming home to the comics and pulps you love.

And it will pay tribute to the traditional four color process

While many colorists today prefer a smooth, rendered look, TSF features a true emulation of the four color process traditionally used in comics of the 20th century. This incomparable textural quality is the perfect match for the kind of visceral and exciting story within. Every panel and every illustration offers a kind of beauty rarely seen in contemporary comics.

Narratively, TSF reaches back to the era of Weird Tales and the genre-defining writings of Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, and H.P. Lovecraft. In particular, the works of Clark Ashton Smith serve as a primary inspiration for author Raphael Cornford. Smith’s dark humor and vast vocabulary serve as stylistic templates for the California native. Inventive language, unexpected plots, and the vigorous action of the pulp era make for must-read material for fans of science fiction and fantasy, particular those with a taste for the bizarre and macabre.

While Smith, Lovecraft, and Howard were brilliant writers, their works were riddled with racist and sexist content–we’re huge fans, don’t worry, we’re not bashing the big three. TSF offers pulse-pounding pulp excitement that won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Without tokenizing or shoehorning, TSF presents a cast with their own motivations, dreams, strengths and fatal flaws. Dive into the rich tapestry of Myrku!

A fully developed world

Myrku, from the trade metropolis of Shul-Hazz to the newly united Tunithean Empire, from the red cliffs of Jarruk down to the southern edge of Thime, where the sea of Uluhuac meets the kingdom of Maragasana, is a fully fleshed out world. Steep yourself in a level of lore and world building that will satisfy fans of Tolkein, Vance, Aasimov, and Warhammer. The setting is ripe with narrative potential, and even now, Raphael is working on Vol. 3.

Thrilling Suspense Fantasy features collaborative works effort between Raphael Cornford, Richard Sampson, Luke Welch, Zach Koch, Matt Lawler, Sean Hurley, each of them contributing something gorgeous to at least one volume. Raphael Cornford develops as an inker, he also mentions that he prefers the school terminology for inker as «finisher». Adept oil painter Zach Koch painted the cover for TSF1 and returns with a number of paintings in TSF3. A master of horror and a painter by training, Matt drew some wonderful scenes for Long Before Essuin in TSF2. Luke Welch, who has funded his own comic Nevermind here on Kickstarter, contributed a pin-up for TSF3. Cyclist, meme lord, and draftsman Sean Hurley trained as a printmaker with R. Christopher Cornford–his art is breathtaking, and he’s an excellent cyclist to boot.

The World of Myrku

Let’s talk about how to get this comic!

As we mentioned initially, Thrilling Suspense Fantasy Vol. 3 is being financed through Kickstarter, where not only will you find this comic, but you will also be able to find original art, prints and much, much more. So we invite you to enter the main page of this project and be part of it

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