The Waverly Press returns to Kickstarter and presents a remastered version of the mythical team-up of Cerebus and TMNT – Don’t miss it!

Kickstarter is the platform par excellence to make extraordinary projects visible and give readers and collectors the opportunity to get unique items that they will not see elsewhere. Today we are pleased to present a remastered deluxe edition of the classic 1986 Turtles/Cerebus team-up developed by The Waverly Press. Continue with us and discover what this wonderful story is about!

Let’s meet The Waverly Press!

The Waverly Press is a publisher of limited-edition books and prints, bringing together a wide range of subjects found in both pop culture and counterculture from the mid-twentieth century to the present. The core of The Waverly Press’ mission is to bring to light, rarely seen and previously unpublished art and photographic archives in deluxe, limited edition presentations. When possible our books and prints are produced utilizing sustainable materials, and always to high archival standards. Some of their titles include Jimi Hendrix 1968/70 by Baron Wolman (2018), Brian Jones: Butterfly in the Park (2019), Total Excess by Michael Zagaris (2016), and Cerebus: High Society: The Regency Edition by Dave Sim (2020). Some of the artists they have worked with include Donovan, Gerard Malanga, Klaus Voormann, Billy Name, Ross Halfin, George Harrison Estate, and Brigid Berlin, among others.

Now, let’s focus on what happens in TMNT #8

For this we will make a small time line:

1977: Dave Sim published Cerebus the Aardvark #1, the book and series would transform the landscape of independent comics publishing forever.

1984: Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird published Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, launching the series that was a global phenomenon by the end of the decade.

1986: Eastman & Laird teamed up with Sim, bringing Cerebus (one of the hottest books at the time) to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8. This Turtles/Cerebus team-up was arguably the comics event of 1986, and the best selling Turtles book to date, selling more than 100,000 copies! If 80s comics had rock stars, these 3 guys would have sold out a week at the Garden!

2023: For the first time ever, Dave Sim (in collaboration with Waverly Comics) is producing his own updated version of this popular, classic book! This thick, double sized issue features painstakingly remastered art by master digital archivist Sean Michael Robinson, printed on premium paper for the best posible reproduction.

Left: Page 24 as it appeared in the original 1986 edition of Turtles 8. Right: The same page with digital restoration printed on bright white archival quality paper for this new release.

Now, let’s talk about what you can get in this Kickstarter campaign

Along with this wonderful comic, you will be able to find a series of variant covers. Cerebus creator Dave Sim has illustrated 3 new covers including his own updated homage (with colorist David Birdsong) to Kevin Eastman’s original 1986 wraparound cover! In addition, some of the brightest names in contemporary comics have created new T8 variant covers for this release. Also, in this campaign are offer new covers by Jim Lawson, Steve Lavigne and Michael Dooney, all veteran Turtles artists during the magical early days at MIRAGE. In fact, Michael Dooney worked on the original T8 book back in 1986! Some of you may recognize the cover work by Fero Pe, a contemporary Turtles artist for IDW, and Ciro Nieli who was the executive producer of the 2012 Turtles series for Nickelodeon. Nieli’s dynamic, artistic style set the tone for the modern age of Turtles.

They also have incredible covers by Heavy Metal Magazine artist Federico Mele, the instantly recognizable Kyle Hotz who has created work for IDW, Marvel, DC and Dark Horse, and comics legend Simon Bisley who has created work for just about every comics publisher over the last 40 years! Brandon Graham, Eisner Award nominee and modern indie comics favorite has brought his unique style to this release. Sam Heimer has created a super cool Halloween themed cover, perfect for the year ‘round trick or treaters out there! Carson Grubaugh, another Eisner Award nominee for his work on The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, Cerebus in Hell artist Benjamin Hobbs, Living the Line’s Sean Michael Robinson, and the brilliant newcomer Brookes Morris round out this stellar line up of variant cover artists for this very special release!

All 19 STANDARD variant covers are available individually, as a complete sets or you can build your own custom bundle through the add-on menu.

And we hope you don’t think that’s all!

Premium covers, ashcans, pins and much, much more are also offered in this Kickstarter project! so we invite you to enter the page of your project and participate in this incredible initiative, for this we invite you to visit his project at

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