Indie TCG Series – Legions Realms at War: An Exciting Kickstarter Campaign with an 80% Funded Start

Welcome to our Indie TCG Series! Everything happens for a reason, and today we are consolidating information on a game that holds a special place in my heart, Legions Realms at War. The Kickstarter was launched today and within 12 hours, it is already 80% funded! I encourage you to click here and check out the amazing stretch goals they have. From the start, this campaign looks to be very exciting.


This game come from Canada, it was created by Taylor Howe. This fantasy TCG offers a unique, well-balanced gaming experience that continues to evolve and expand.

The Trading Card Game consists of 9 Legions, each represented by a unique color and Legion Crest. The Crest, displayed as «swoops» on each card, identifies the Legion the card belongs to. The Legions and their colors are Heroes (blue), Orcs (green), Angels (yellow), Demons (red), Undead (purple), Titans (orange), Mythical Beasts (pink), Dwarfs (black), and Bounty (grey). Players must play cards from the matching Legion, except for Bounty cards which can be played in any Legion. The Card Rarity is determined by the Stars in the bottom left corners of the cards 1 Star is Common, 2 Star is Uncommon, 3 Star is Rare, 4 Silver Stars is Renown Rare, 5 Gold Stars is Exalted Rare, and the Phases of the Moon are for the Elysian Rare! The «Editions» of cards in sets are determined by the Crest with Golden Crests for First Edition and Silver Crests for Second Edition.

The game features 8 card types, of which three (Warrior, Unified, and Fortified) must be included in the main deck of 50 cards or more. The other five (Veil, Realm, Warlord, Synergy, and Guardian) are placed on the playing field. Each card type has a specific purpose such as the Warlord serving as the leader and source of life and the Synergy card providing powerful effects to change the game outcome.

Legions Realms at War has a unique resource management system where players must manage their Warlord’s Health, represented by the Damage Counter Max (DCM), to successfully summon creatures, cast spells, and defeat their opponent. Your Warlord can take damage both from an opposing player(s) attacks and effects, as well as, your own card effects. This adds an extra layer of strategy and resource management to the game. This unique aspect of the game is one of its standout features and is sure to offer a fresh and exciting experience for players.

There are other exciting features beyond its unique resource management system, such as synergy and guardians cards. An in-depth article reviewing the gameplay is in progress, and for those eager to learn more, a how-to-play video is below.

What about the Game Lore and Arts? Legions Realms at War is a game with engaging gameplay and a rich and immersive world filled with lore and adventure. The game offers stunning artwork, captivating storytelling that are in each of the cards to immerse the player to another world. The Old World, composed of 9 Realms, has a rich history and players can explore it chapter by chapter as they uncover the events that led to its downfall.

We’re excited to share more details about this amazing TCG. Remember, there are Kickstarter pledges for everyone, so don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the Legions! Additionally, stay tuned to our YouTube channel for short videos and content on the world of indie TCGs.

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