American Bliss: Father’s Pride Part 1 hits Kickstarter – Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity

Carrying on a legacy is not always easy. American Bliss will show us how to continue on a path that has already been traveled and how to forge our own destiny. Continue with us and discover everything that American Bliss: Father’s Pride Part 1 has  for us.

Punching out bad guys and flying into our hearts through the pages of Powertrip, American Bliss is the latest heroine from the Genuine Comics brand. This star-spangled beauty takes the compassion and power of Wonder Woman, and the patriotic spirit of Captain America and meshes it into this brilliant new addition to the superhero tradition!

American Bliss: Father’s Pride Part 1 is the first issue of a five part mini-series. The full color book features 25 pages of story, with an additional pinup section featuring art from various talents in the independent comic book industry.

From the mind of Dave Brink (Perfect 10, Dream Girl: Sleeper Agent) comes this new character with story and script by Michael Oden (Elysian Fields, The Embrace), art by Erik Hodson (Dreaded Dinosaur Man), colors by Federico Sioc (Powertrip: American Bliss) and letters by Joel Saavedra (Perfect 10). Don’t miss out on the first chapter of a miniseries of super proportions!

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Who is American Bliss? That’s the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue and a question that Kendra Norwood is trying to answer for herself, as she struggles with the legacy of her father and predecessor: the patriotic hero, Freedom. With the nation still reeling from the loss of their champion just two years ago, Kendra’s tenure as this new hero has come with a crisis of identity. However, lurking in the shadows, an old foe stirs to put the Legacy of Freedom to the test!
The adventure starts here in American Bliss: Father’s Pride part 1!

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As we mentioned initially, this comic is being funded through Kickstarter, where you can also find original art, exclusive art, prints and much, much more! Discover it for yourself by entering to the following link

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