Pocket Paragons: Round 2 Kickstarter Campaign

Today, we will once again review the Paragons game. If you’re a fan of Snap, you’re sure to love this game. Paragons offers fast and portable action that you can take with you wherever you go. With just a quick glance, you’ll see why the game was awarded Best of Gencon 2022, the Major Fun Award, and Spiel approval awards. This also explains why the game is back for more, with Round 2 now available on Kickstarter and having already reached 138% funding! The Kickstarter campaign introduces two expansions: Acquisitions Inc. and Space Lion. The game comes with two new mechanics and also brings back all previous content in a 2nd Edition reprint. Pocket Paragons is a quick but deceptively deep game that features powerful spells and requires big strategic decisions.

You still have time to pledge and get this game, along with all the stretch goals that are sure to come, given that funding is growing. So, if you want to get in on the action, just click here to check it out and make your pledge.


Select your Paragon, include their cards in your arsenal, and execute simultaneous actions to outwit the enemy player. Each duel is an intense trial of skill and strategy, making it ideal for satisfying your competitive urge when you’re pressed for time. Take part in a 3v3 format and distribute abilities among your Paragons for a more intricate and strategic gameplay experience! You can quickly check out a “how to play” video below,

This game is easy to learn, offers a lot of fun. If you want to confirm what we’re telling you, you have the opportunity to try the game. I personally love it when games offer this option, and Paragons provides a print and play version here.

One highlight that I want to mention is the solo mode gameplay. Having this mode is awesome, especially for those of us who love playing solitaire games. If you’re not a fan of print and play, there’s an easier option, which is the Table Top Simulator (TTS). You can find

Today, we just wanted to remind you about this exciting game and the ongoing Kickstarter campaign. We’ll be sharing more information and updates about it soon, so stay tuned for more content! See until next time!


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