INDIE TCG SERIES – LEGIONS REALMS AT WAR: Kickstarter 100% Funded Additional Free Rewards to All Backers!

Welcome, TCG Indie Lovers! As you may remember, we shared a note a few days ago about the Legion Realms at War (LRAW) Kickstarter campaign, which you can find here. A lot has happened from that day till today. This Kickstarter campaign is like a roller coaster – so exciting that it engages backers to eagerly look for stretch goals. LRAW is one of those campaigns where you want to check every morning to see what’s new. Let’s start by talking more about our article title. Future Lore Studios has announced that a new promo package is available to all tiers, including one card and a playmat. Just take a look at the image below; the art is beautiful. The promo is a first-edition, gold-stamped, extended-art, exalted rare.

If that catches your attention, that’s not all. FLS is offering an additional incentive to backers who pledge at the EOR Combo Bundle, Collector Bundle, and Elysian Collector Backers level, upon completing a fully funded campaign – 1 first edition Frontiers booster box and 2 first edition Bountiful Harvest expansion boxes, at no extra cost. This is the best motivation to pledge at a higher level for this game; it’s pure value to back the campaign.

And that’s not even mentioning the stretch goals yet. Backers are looking for the first stretch goal, Void Hollow Collection. Just take a look at the art and details in these cards below.

In addition to the Kickstarter campaign, Taylor Howe, the game creator, has just launched the “Inside The Creator’s Mind!” podcast, where you can hear about the behind-the-scenes of game creation. I enjoy this series because you get immersed in all the work that is needed for a TCG when the creator is fully engaged and with the clear objective of giving the best product. You can listen to the TCG creation process, the detailed lore (one of the aspects that I most enjoy of this game), and the challenges. But that’s not all; the Legions Lounge Podcasts are being reformatted and transitioned over to our Legions Realms at War YouTube channel now!  You will find the links here.

We’re excited to share more details about this amazing TCG campaign. Remember, there are Kickstarter pledges for everyone, so don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the Legions!  Below, you can find some cards from Empire on the Rise set. Additionally, stay tuned to our YouTube channel for short videos and content on the world of indie TCGs. That’s all for now; until next time, keep playing and reviewing new indie TCGs.

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