Izora is back! Fluff’s Fury comes to Kickstarter with his third comic – Come and discover it with us!

Kickstarter is a window to incredible stories, where we can see all the wonders that live in the minds of incredible creators. Today we have the pleasure of talking to you about the third Fluff’s Fury comic, so continue with us and don’t miss a single detail of this story.

Johnny Segura 3rd and Matt D. Chambers 3rd return to Kickstarter to bring the third installment of Fluff’s Fury to life. Fluff’s Fury #3 picks up right where #2 left off! Now that Izora has dealt with Eloi, she turns her sights over to the disposable General Eavheal as he reveals his horrible warmachine, the Titan Atlus!

Would you like to see a preview of the comic?

Say no more, we present you the preview of Fluff’s Fury #3

Now, let’s talk about the rewards you can get in this campaign!

Along with the full color interior, at the start of the campaign, will be offering 4 covers to choose from! First cover will be by Johnny Segura 3rd, second cover will be a Dreamcast Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Homage by Matt Chambers 3rd, the third cover will be an Akira homage by Chambers and Segura that can be unlocked via stretch goals and the sketch cover that you will be able to get blank, or you can get Segura to art it up with the topic of your choosing!

You can also get prints of each of the covers offered in this campaign!

Finally, let’s talk about how you can get your copy of Fluff’s Fury #3

As we mentioned at the beginning, this project is being financed through Kickstarter, so we invite you to enter its campaign page, where you can get exclusive rewards that you can’t find anywhere else https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/auronasia/fluffs-fury-3-3rd-impact!

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