Indie TCG Series – Grimpath Cards and Minis more fun

Welcome to our Indie TCG Series! This week, we have a unique and different incoming TCG. What do you think about combining minis and cards? If you ask me, I immediately think this is double fun, and if you want to know more, keep reading. We have a sneak peek at this game.

Grimpath is an upcoming wargame TCG, which is a turn-based card game where two or more players use custom decks of 30 or more cards to battle head to head on custom battlegrounds. It was created by David Gardner, who used to work at Double Fine, a video game studio, and this gave him a lot of experience in the game environment. What makes this game so different is that you can use minis to do battle. The creator focused on making the game accessible for all, with a low barrier to entry. This is part of what I love about this game – it is for everyone. For big fans of mini painters, they can create their own, or for those who like minis but don´t know how to paint, they can still use them. Also, minis are not restricted – if you have minis, you can use them, or you can buy them from Grimpath at a good price. You can purchase minis from your LGS or even 3D print them. In my case, I am eagerly waiting for Grimpath’s official minis as they look amazing.

The creator also thinks of everyone, so he has three types of minis: legendary for those who love more complex minis that they can assemble and paint, intermediate and simple minis that are ready, but not painted. These minis are available for purchase on their website. The cards will be as usual, random in booster, and you will also have access to starter decks.

The lore of the game focuses on the realm of Grimpath where five ancient powers – Darkness, Fury, Nature, Spirit, and Arcane – have waged war for ages, each leaving a mark on the world. The regenerative power of Nature gave rise to children who protected themselves from the darkness and fury. These adventurous souls built great empires and armies to keep the darkness at bay while the scholars behind city walls studied the Arcane, delving into the mysteries of the universe. More details about the lore can be found in the game discord, where fans can interact with each other and the creator. The Discord is also fun and features events such as a recent flavor test contest. You can join the Discord here and check out the winning entries from the contest.

The arts are showcased featuring artists like Robson Michel and Oleksii Chernik. See below for some examples.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the game system. In each turn, you’ll receive one resource, and your fog of war will expand by one, up to a limit of ten for both. The standard game format is played on a 10 by 10 grid. The fog of war extends one row per turn, so on turn one, you’ll only be able to see the row directly in front of you. However, as the game progresses, your vision will expand until you can see the entire grid. You’ll spend your resources to summon the units, and you’ll be able to place them anywhere within your fog of war. As the game progresses, your fog of war will expand, allowing you to summon units closer to your opponent’s front lines.

To win the game, you’ll need to either kill enemy units to earn points or occupy enemy territory to score points. The terrain on the board will also have an impact on gameplay, including elements like high ground, hiding spots, pillars, and towers, which can all affect the flow of battle.

If you want to know more and keep post it in the news about the innovate game you can access Grimpath webpage  here and their Instragram here.

This was a brief description of a game that will be released soon in 2023. To conclude, below you will find a quick preview of some of the game’s artwork. We hope you like it!

As always, stay tuned to our magazine and YouTube channel for short videos and content on the world of indie TCGs. Until next time, keep playing!

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