Welcome to our Indie TCG Series! This is a busy week in the world of Indie TCG, and I will briefly cover Fabled Sagas, which is soon to launch its Kickstarter campaign. If you would like to be notified, you can click here.  This game was created by Cody Bishop who is from Los Angeles. So, what is Fabled Sagas? It is an anime-style trading and collectible card game with unique lore, design, and mechanics. With a deep focus on immersive gameplay and work from extraordinary artists across the globe, you can enjoy a true story that travels through each set while playing the game. You can check out their website here for more details. My first impression of the artwork is that it is amazing – just take a look at these couple of cards below.

The lore has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail. If you take a look here, you’ll find well-organized stories and detailed character bios, although not all are completed yet. This will give you an idea of how the team works. Additionally, the map is excellent.

As always, here are the brief game rules. The game uses a main deck of 50 cards, with a limit of three copies of each individual card. An Archonotes deck of up to 10 different cards is also allowed, with a limit of one copy of each card.  At the start of the game, each player begins with a Soul Value of 2000 and draws six cards from their main deck after a die roll determines the starting player. The game is played in phases, with the Study phase marking the start of each player’s turn. During the Discovery phase, players can change their active characters from the guard position to the strike position and draw one card. The Management phase allows players to play cards from their hand, such as characters, charms, supplies, and sectors. However, these cards are subject to certain conditions. During the Convoke phase, players can summon characters into the convoke zone, use instincts or judgments, and activate manual or auto instincts. Charms and supplies can also be played in this phase.

You can find beautiful game art on their Instagram account here, and join their Discord community here to stay in touch.

As always, stay tuned to our magazine and YouTube channel for short videos and content on the world of indie TCGs. Until next time, keep playing!

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