HARLEY QUINN 1/6 BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES figure is now available, Preorder Fast!

The Clown Princess of Crime is officially released from Arkham Asylum (with a sane certificate to prove it) Yeah, Right?

BUY HERE: https://mondoshop.com/products/batman-the-animated-series-harley-quinn-1-6-scale-figure-timed-edition

The latest figure in the line of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1/6 scale figures is Harley Quinn and we are over the moon.

Once written as a single-episode B:TAS henchman, Harley quickly became one of our favorite characters of all time.

Available for only one week, this Timed Edition includes exclusive extras like additional portraits, and her babies Bud and Lou!

BUY HERE: https://mondoshop.com/products/batman-the-animated-series-harley-quinn-1-6-scale-figure-timed-edition

I can listen to Tara Strong just by looking at this image.

Please know, this amazing evil girl is Available from May 9th at 12PM CT through May 16th at 11:59AM CT.

Limit 2 figures per person, household, etc.

Check out the Mondo blog for more information!

Free shipping to the United States, Canada, UK and the EU. Payment plans are available.

HEY!! We have the entire line unboxed in Youtube for you all! Take a look at joker here, its in many languages.

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