Today, we will be reviewing Creatures of Exo, a card game created by Emanuele Riva, a hobbyist digital artist currently studying 3D art in Italy. Creatures of Exo was born as a tribute to Exodus RPG, and Riva developed the game for Windows and mobile platforms, incorporating artwork from himself and his friends. Following the success of the first Kickstarter campaign, Riva decided to expand the game with new cards.

In this campaign, Creatures of Exo will be printed in English, making it accessible to a wider audience. The game’s objective is to reduce the opponent’s Leader’s Life Points to zero. The gameplay involves setting up the Main Deck and Evolution Deck, determining the starting player, placing the Leader on the Field, and drawing cards. The game progresses through various phases such as the Draw Phase, Recovery Phase, Main Phase, Battle Phase, and End Phase.

Creatures of Exo features different card types including Creatures, Evolutions, Vice Leaders, Tactics, and Leaders, each with their unique abilities and rules. The game also incorporates colors associated with specific themes, offering players a strategic element to consider. Additionally, the option to use a Side Deck allows players to customize and alter the contents of their deck.

To get a better understanding of Creatures of Exo, you can watch a video about the game. Although it’s in Italian, English subtitles are available, and the video has a duration of less than 15 minutes. You can also check out the game’s webpage to explore all the details and artwork, join the game’s Discord community for interactions, and follow the game’s Instagram account for updates and news.

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INDIE TCG SERIES – Creatures of Exo Interview with the creator