(C506 Reviews) Discover with us the terrifying story behind Night of the Chihuahuas #1 – You can’t miss this amazing comic!

Incredible is a word that is not enough to describe the genius behind the “Night of the Chihuahuas”. Here at C506 we had the opportunity to read the first issue of this series and we bring you our opinion, continue with us and discover this comic!

A police office is reporting for his first day on the job in a remote desert town that’s been overrun by chihuahuas with the strength to back up their vicious attitudes!

(W) David Quiroz Jr.
(A) RC Torres
(CA) Anastasia Stillsmoking
(Designer) Virginia Price

Where to start with this incredible comic? With only 16 pages, Night of the Chihuahuas introduced us to a wonderful and terrifying world, where we learned to have more respect for these little creatures. For what we want to start with this review for the narrative of this story, Quiros, writer of the series, did a splendid job showing us this terrifying world, the dialogues are incredibly designed to give us a feeling of restlessness and concern at all times, leaving us with the uncertainty of what will be the next move in history. In the same way that it presents us with a new niche for Chihuahuas in our nightmares.

On the other hand, RC Torres did an extraordinary job with the illustration of the comic, the sequential art of this story allows us to follow in great detail everything that he wants to share with us. Another strong point related to the art corresponds to its lack of color, the black and white art brings a new level of darkness to the story, this transmits to us as readers a certain distrust of the darkness and leaves us wondering what will happen next.

That said, Night of the Chihuahuas #1 presented us with an extremely interesting story, presenting us with elements that are quite curious and different from what we are used to in current readings. Using classic horror elements in conjunction with such an intriguing antagonist as the Chihuahuas, gives this story a refreshing twist to traditional horror readings and provides a novel story for any reader who wishes to delve into a new story.

Currently, Night of the chihuahuas is funding its fourth issue through Kickstarter, so if you want to get a copy of its latest issue, purchase previous issues or simply learn more about this project, we invite you to enter the following link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/killerdogs/night-of-the-chihuahuas-issue-4?.

You can also visit their website  https://nightofthechihuahuas.com/

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