Indie TCG Series – The Temporal War: A New Indie TCG

Welcome back to our Indie TCG series!  This week, a captivating new Indie Trading Card Game (TCG) called “The Temporal War” has been released. The game opens with an intriguing introductory quote: “Time is collapsing and space is falling in on itself. Soon, all energy in the universe will converge. As a summoner, players are transported to the place and time where it all begins and ends. They find themselves in the heart of the Temporal Realm…” Created by Buster Shadwick Jr, “The Temporal War” brings a unique and immersive gaming experience. You can still pledge for this TCG here.

Buster Shadwick Jr, the mastermind behind the game, has a deep-rooted passion for TCGs and board games since his childhood spent in the mountains of Tennessee. Having played hundreds of games, including video games, Buster’s love for TCGs never waned. When the idea for “The Temporal War” struck, he was unable to resist the calling.

To all the TCG and skirmish game enthusiasts, Buster extends a warm welcome to “The Temporal War.” After years of meticulous playtesting, the game has become something truly exceptional, surpassing even Buster’s own expectations. Renowned for its high level of intuitiveness, “The Temporal War” promises an unforgettable experience.


“The Temporal War” supports 2 to 6 players, offering various gameplay options such as free-for-all matches or team-based encounters. The game can be customized to suit the preferences of different play groups, allowing players to determine the game’s duration and adapt rules accordingly. Whether beginners or seasoned gamers, everyone can find enjoyment in “The Temporal War.”

Looking ahead, Buster has devised a comprehensive nine-month plan from April ’23 to 2024:

  • April: Launching the official “The Temporal War” website, which will receive continuous improvements and updates in the following months. You can check it out here.
  • May: Creating engaging content for the “The Temporal War” YouTube channel and growing a dedicated social media following.
  • June: Initiating a Kickstarter campaign and opening an online merchandise store to secure funds for upcoming production costs.
  • July: Making final preparations before entering production, while actively engaging with the growing community.
  • August: Placing orders for the initial set of games and commencing pre-sales.
  • September – November: Increasing marketing efforts and exploring options for an online version of the game.
  • December: Actively listening to feedback and engaging with the community as players receive their game copies.

People often wonder who is involved when Buster mentions “we” and “us.” “Infinity Fiction,” a company founded by Buster in 2017, brings together a collective of artists who collaborate to create original content and make a sustainable living from their work. “The Temporal War” is the flagship project under the “Infinity Fiction” banner, with a team of talented artists dedicated to bringing the game to life. Buster is grateful for the invaluable feedback provided by passionate playtesters who have played a vital role in shaping “The Temporal War.”

Stay tuned to our magazine and YouTube channel for short videos and content on indie TCGs. Until next time, keep playing!

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