INDIE TCG SERIES – Dream Book TCG: Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

Welcome back to our TCG Series! Today, we will check Dream Book, an Indie Trading Card Game (TCG) that will take you on a journey into a magical world where the only limit is your imagination. Get ready to discover strange figments and fascinating artifacts and engage in a head-to-head battle tactics frenzy. Dream Book: Coming Soon to Kickstarter! Click here to get Notified When the campaign Launches.

In Dream Book, you’ll find a variety of game modes to keep you entertained. Collect all the game boards to unlock new ways to play and dive deeper into the enchanting world of Dream Book.


Now, let’s talk about how the game is played. Each deck in Dream Book must consist of exactly 15 figments, along with a combination of 15 artifacts and skills, making a total of cards per deck. It’s important to note that the main and hidden decks may only contain figments of one Element group, indicated by the colored symbol in the bottom right, and one or zero Alignments. Every deck must contain at least one bronze or silver rank figment to start the game. You have the option to play with an alignment or without one. Remember, you cannot include multiple copies of the same card in a single deck.

To win the game, there are three possible ways. The first way is by defeating all of your opponent’s figments on the board. If your opponent controls zero figments at any time, they lose. The second way is strategically controlling a card in every space on your opponent’s home row. Lastly, if an infinite game state occurs, the player with the highest total heart count on the board emerges as the winner.

To kick off the game, each player shuffles their deck and places it in the Deck Zone. Then, both players draw 5 cards. Choose one Bronze or Silver Rank figment from the drawn cards and place it face down in the Start Zone. Opting for a Silver figment does not earn a Gem during your first Start Phase. If you didn’t draw a Bronze or Silver Rank figment, reveal your hand, shuffle it back into your deck, and draw 5 more cards. If you had a figment in your hand but not a Bronze or Silver Rank, your opponent draws 1 card. Repeat this process until you draw a Bronze or Silver Rank figment, then place it in the Start Zone face down.

You can use a dice or a coin to determine who goes first. If you use a die, both players roll, and the high or low roller becomes the winner. The winner then decides whether they will go first or second. If a coin is used, one player flips the coin, and the other player calls either heads or tails while the coin is in the air. If the player who made the call is correct, they decide who goes first. If not, their opponent gets to make that decision.

During your turn in Dream Book, you’ll go through several phases. The Start Phase involves drawing 1 card and earning 1 Gem. The Activation Phase allows you to activate up to one card of each type: Figment, Artifact, and Skill. You can also visit the Trader’s Tent to level up your Figments. The Battle Phase is where the action happens, as you move and perform actions with each of your Figments. Finally, the End Phase marks the end of your turn, and certain effects may trigger at this point.

One aspect of Dream Book that stands out is its captivating artwork, reminiscent of old-school games. The visuals will transport you to a world of nostalgia while immersing you in the game’s unique atmosphere.


For more details and in-depth rules, visit Dream Book’s official website at Dream Book Games. Additionally, you can check out their stunning art on Instagram at Dream Book TCG and join their Discord community at Dream Book TCG Discord to stay updated on the latest news and interact with fellow players.

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