Indie TCG Series – Mekkablood: Series One – A new type of TCG Now in Kickstarter

In the ever-expanding world of TCGs, a new game called Mekkablood has emerged, offering a distinct gameplay experience set in a near-future sci-fi universe on Earth. Created by Chad Crumbaker, an experienced card game designer, Mekkablood draws inspiration from real-time strategy games, miniature games, and previous TCGs, aiming to deliver something completely different while maintaining a resource-based system.  You can check the Kickstarter campaign here.

Mekkablood stands out with its various 1v1 and 2v2 modes, allowing players to build their bases with different buildings. These buildings enable the creation of mighty mekks, giant robots similar to mechs in other games. The buildings also provide abilities such as fortification, repairs, and more, ensuring a strategic element to the game.

What sets Mekkablood apart from other TCGs is its entirely new resource system. This building system extends gameplay beyond just a few turns and combat mechanics that include attacks, blocks, and counter-attacks. This unique approach requires players to approach combat cautiously, adding an extra layer of depth and strategy.


For detailed instructions on how to play and insights into the game’s development, you can visit Chad Crumbaker’s YouTube page. His passion for Mekkablood shines through as he combines the best elements from his previous games into this latest project.

Mekkablood focuses on delivering an engaging gameplay experience above all else. While the game acknowledges aspects such as art, bonuses, and pack quantity, its primary goal is to offer an innovative and captivating card game unlike anything players have experienced. By drawing inspiration from RTS games, battle card games, and miniature games, Mekkablood incorporates the best concepts from each genre, resulting in an easy-to-pick-up game with endless possibilities for customization and play styles.

Chad Crumbaker’s ambition is for Mekkablood to become the most-played TCG ever created, and he invites players to join him in making that dream a reality.

The game offers different modes to cater to various preferences. The Regular Mode features rotating cards every two years, ensuring fresh gameplay. Auction Mode introduces an exciting twist, providing players with a set budget to bid on specific cards. BMH (Big Mekk Hunters) is a 2v2 mode where players control two bases and engage in strategic battles. Finally, Forever Mode allows players to use the same cards indefinitely, with fewer banned cards.

Mekkablood also offers rich lore. Set in a dystopian future, humanity faces global crises, leading to the formation of the New Renaissance Movement. This movement revives creativity and unity, while breakthroughs in energy generation uncover valuable resources like Fluxiam-7, red Neocrystallite, and blue Symthorium. Factions emerge each with its philosophies and motivations, and skilled Robo Jockeys pilot mekks to battle for control. As conflicts escalate, alliances shift, and the struggle for resources intertwines with questions of identity and progress.

While Mekkablood currently features art created using Midjourney and Photoshop, the game aims to collaborate with numerous artists to produce custom art cards. While limited releases may occur, the regular versions of the cards will always be available to players.

Mekkablood invites players to embark on an extraordinary strategic battle and base-building journey. With its innovative mechanics, diverse gameplay modes, and a commitment to delivering an engaging experience, Mekkablood aims to carve its place as a unique and beloved addition to the world of TCGs.

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