Indie TCG Series – Runes of Ede

Hello friends! This week is bustling with exciting Indie Trading Card Games (TCGs) that I can’t wait to share with all of you. Each Indie TCG has unique features that set it apart from the rest. Today, let’s dive into the enchanting world of Runes of Ede and explore what makes it so special.

Runes of Ede is an innovative, Expandable Card Game set in the world of Ede. Creator and Lead Designer Matthew Coombs has crafted a game that offers a tabletop adventure filled with expressive mechanics and stunning art. You can get the game instantly on their webpage at

The lore of Ede tells the story of the planet’s creation by celestial beings Elix and Draxa. Elix, the creator, weakened while Draxa grew more powerful. To curb Draxa’s destructive hunger, Elix infused Ede with his powers and created “The Ancients” to guide and protect life on the planet.

Now, let’s delve into the gameplay of Runes of Ede. This captivating, Expandable Card Game invites players to construct their decks, align with different factions, and use strategic tactics to overcome opponents. The game concludes when only one player remains standing. Defeat comes to those who accumulate 9 or more Runes in their Damage Pile or possess 0 cards in their Archive or Stockpile. Remember the “Golden Rule,” which states that card effects precede the rulebook. The “Right to Refuse” rule also empowers players to decline triggered effects unless they are locked. Ancient Runes play a vital role in the strategic gameplay of Runes of Ede. These potent cards, found in the Stockpile, possess unique abilities and effects that can greatly influence the game. Players can choose to use Ancient Runes as valuable resources to play other cards or activate their special abilities. However, what makes Ancient Runes truly intriguing is the player’s ability to accept or refuse their powers. This decision introduces a layer of depth and tactical decision-making, as players must carefully consider the timing and impact of harnessing the abilities of these ancient artifacts. By allowing players to make meaningful choices about when and how to utilize these potent cards, Runes of Ede offers an engaging and strategic gaming experience.

Players need two decks to play Runes of Ede: the Archive (minimum 40 cards) consisting of Units and Events, and the Stockpile (exactly 18 cards) consisting of basic runes and Ancient Runes. Matching the factions in the Stockpile with those in the Archive is crucial. The game features four main factions: Intellects, Marvels, Mystics, and Savages. Each faction offers distinct gameplay styles and strategies.

  1. Intellects: A scholarly faction focused on research and experimentation, possessing unique powers that set them apart.
  2. Marvels: Mighty warriors fighting for justice and the well-being of Ede, relying on physical strength and combat skills with responsible use of abilities.
  3. Mystics: Delving into forbidden arts, the Mystics faction explores the mysteries of life and death, manipulating these forces at a cost.
  4. Savages: Passionate and guided by raw emotions, Savages embrace their reputation, trusting their hearts and valuing the bonds they form with comrades.

Playing cards strategically is key in Runes of Ede. Units and Events are typically played during the Action Phase, with Quick cards playable anytime. Playing a card requires exhausting a specific number of Runes, matching its cost. Units enter play, while Events are resolved before being placed in the Discard Pile. Understanding card types, costs, and resource management is essential for successful gameplay.

The turn structure consists of the Start-Up Phase, Action Phase 1, Combat, Action Phase 2, and End of Turn Phase. Each phase and step offers strategic opportunities to manage resources, play cards, engage in combat, and prepare for subsequent turns.

In summary, Runes of Ede delivers an exciting and strategic gameplay experience with its faction-based deck building, unique mechanics, and careful resource management. Its captivating art style and immersive lore will leave players with lasting memories of their tabletop adventures. Get ready to explore the world of Ede and forge your path to victory!

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