Indie TCG Series – Announcing the Kickstarter Launch of Chronicles of Arcane

Hello friends! We have some exciting news to share with you today. Remember when we reviewed Chronicle of Arcane a few days ago? The wait is finally over, as the game has officially launched on Kickstarter! You can check it out at this link.

Prepare yourself to be transported to a mystical world of arcane magic and ancient powers in Chronicles of Arcane, the exhilarating new trading card game that will immerse you in an enchanting journey. Unleash your inner sorcerer as you wield the Essences, summon powerful creatures, and cast spells to become the ultimate master of the arcane arts!

Designed for 2-6 players, the game launches with 2-3 game modes, and the creators have exciting plans to develop several more. Chronicles of Arcane incorporates familiar mechanics while introducing fresh and innovative elements, ensuring your play style evolves as you delve deeper into this magical world.

Now is your chance to be among the first to embrace the Essences and wield your magical prowess. Join our vibrant community of players and collectors and embark on an adventure like no other!

But there’s even more good news! We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with, a leading platform that brings in-person competitive play to your local game store. With the mobile app, card database, deck-building tools, and dynamic tournament organization, Chronicles of Arcane players will have access to a seamless competitive play experience. After the Kickstarter campaign concludes, players can sign up with the app and register for an account to track their progress in competitive play. Who will rise to become the reigning Arcane Master?

Don’t miss out on this magical opportunity! Head to our Kickstarter page and join the Chronicles of Arcane community today. Pledge your support and unlock amazing rewards, including exclusive cards, playmats, and more. Let’s make Chronicles of Arcane a reality and weave a tapestry of magical adventures that will captivate players worldwide!

To learn more about this fascinating game, visit their official website at Are you ready to embrace the Essences and forge your destiny as an arcanist? Join us on this thrilling journey and let the Chronicles of Arcane unfold before your eyes!