Red Hand Press presents Apocrypha Now / The Consortium Arcanum 2 – Come and discover it with us!

Kickstarter has always surprised us with its wonderful content. Here we are participants in the genesis of incredible stories and we can collaborate with their development and directly support the creators of these stories. Today we are pleased to present you Apocrypha Now / The Consortium Arcanum 2, don’t miss it!

Let’s find out what this comic is about!

Bartholomew has a problem. He urgently needs a veteran brawler… and within what remains of the Consortium, his options are few. He has forcefully awakened his old friend Hallvar from his hypnotic state as the small town mechanic Carl to fulfill his duty to the Consortium, to prevent an experiment from falling into the hands of an ancient enemy, … but breaking the hypnosis proved more traumatic than expected. Once on the road, Hall doesn’t seem willing or able to shake the hypnotic construct of Carl. He had found respite from a chaotic life in that small town, and something to anchor him there. Carl had children, unusual for thier kind, and the further they travel away from them, the greater the pull they exert on Hall’s mind. Bartholomew sees him slipping back into the character of the simple mechanic, whose naive persona may prove more a hinderance than a help to their objective. There are also things that Bartholomew has not yet told his old friend, how desperate their situation has become, all made worse once their enemy catches their scent on the open road.

For this 2nd issue, Joe Rossomanno, creator of the comic, is looking at adding about 7-8 pages and revising panels from the old 1995 black and white version. He will be adding color and or tone to the entirety of the book. The cover will be mostly the same from the original painting. Just how many comics have an old lady in a rocking chair? On the story end, he will be cleaning up and reworking most of it.

Would you like to see some of the work already done for Apocrypha Now / The Consortium Arcanum 2?

Don’t worry, at C506 we have you covered, you can find this content below!

Now, let’s recap the first Kickstarter campaign of this project!

For this, we bring you Joe Rossomanno to share with us a few words from his incredible story!

There was … this comic I did, a younger me, back in ’95. Apocrypha Now. Two issues were printed and distributed, a very limited run, but crowdfunding wasn’t really an option back then. I had started a third issue, and even part of a fourth, but I had to put it away because I didn’t have the means to continue. I had always hoped to come back to it. Comics were the reason I got into art in the first place.

Years passed, but the story never really left me, the characters were always swimming around in the back of my head, surfacing on occassion. They’re a rough group, complex, compelling, forceful. And now that I finally have a little breathing room, I’m bringing them back to life, adding panels, revising images, and adding story to the original two issues. This Kickstarter is for the first issue. With enough funds, I’ll be able to continue to the second, so on and so forth. The revision work will include additional and different panels, using my older style, which was predicated on a stark pen and ink black and white, … However, as the pages turn, color printing is no longer constrained much by printing costs or the size of a print run, so I have decided to add color to the book starting at a pivotal moment in the plot of the first issue.

The story exists somewhere between horror, sci-fi, and suspense. I don’t think it matters exactly how I classify it, but in the first issue, introductions are in order: “The End is Coming for Carl Halson, the resident mechanic of a sleepy little town somewhere in the deep south. As unease gives way to dreams, dreams to hallucinations, and hallucinations to memories of another life, he is visited by an old friend, who forcefully demands that Carl live up to a bargain that he no longer remembers . . .”

A short introduction, but why spoil the whole story? Come along for the ride.

– Joe Rossomanno

If you want to be part of this great project, or learn more about this comic, we invite you to enter the official Kickstarter page and see everything it has for you! You can do it by clicking on the following link