Sergio Carrera returns to Kickstarter to present Toxic Detective issue #1 – Come and discover all the details!

The incredible Argentine author and illustrator, Sergio Carrera, who has collaborated for companies such as IDW, Image comics and Boom Studios. has returned to Kickstartarter to present his most recent work, Toxic Detective. Continue with us and enter this dark journey.

Let’s talk about the story of Toxic Detective

Ray suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). He needs to be in an controlled chemical-free environment. For this reason, he has spent several years without leaving home, only with the Internet as a window to the world. He talks to Sweet, his girlfriend, in a chatroom. However, one day Sweet disappears without a trace and Ray must go outside to find out what happened. In a polluted and corrupt city, Ray will fight to stay alive while investigating a disappearance in which the own police seems to be involved.

TOXIC DETECTIVE is a noir gender story where the figure of the classic private detective is updated to the new times. The scripts of the award-winning noir genre author Claudio Cerdán and the art of Sergio Carrera (Image, DC Comics) fuse the best of European and Argentinian comics.

Who will love TOXIC DETECTIVE?

All the elements of Toxic Detective make clear the influences of superhero comics: the uniform, the mask, the weapons. And if you like the movies Blade Runner (Ridley Scott) and Taken (Pierre Morel), you’re going to love this comic!

Would you like to see a preview of this story?

Don’t worry, at C506 we’ve got you covered. Below you can see a preview of Toxic Detective!

Toxic Detective is a 3 episodes miniseries (20 pages each). In this campaign you can contribute to get the first one.

Toxic Detective has four alternative covers! One by Sergio Carrera, the author of the comic, and the others by Renato Guedes, Julián Totino Tedesco and Max Fiumara, all three recognized artists with numerous works in Marvel and DC comics! You can choose which cover you want your copy to have, or you can get them all!

If you want to discover more about this project or be part of it, we invite you to enter the following link, where you can find all the information about Toxic Detective

Remember it’s for a limited time, so don’t miss this opportunity!

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