Sailor Moon meets Hogwarts Legacy in Stardander School for Witches!

Magical girls unite in Stardander School For Witches as they prove themselves through their first year of witch school with an updated demo during Steam’s Visual Novel Fest. Fancy Fish Games is thrilled to welcome all magic users to their upcoming game, which adds flair to the visual novel genre with a turn-based battle system. Guide four young witches as they learn magic, protect their families, and discover clues to unravel the mysteries surrounding Stardander.

Long ago, humans summoned Fae creatures and bound them to their will. However, when pacts were broken – the power of the Fae turned upon humanity and brought chaos. Only the aid and protection of a group of sympathetic Fae kept humans from being annihilated. These Fae became known as Protectors and founded the human-Fae Alliance. The downside is that the safety of the Protectors cannot last forever – only through mastering their own magic do humans stand a chance.

Students can expect optional combat during their years at Stardander School for Witches. A battle system introduces stats and spells to the game to add more to the story of the four witches players will guide as they do everything they can to defend themselves. However, combat is not for everyone, so there will be an option to skip battles if desired. Skipping battles will not majorly affect the player’s experience or storyline.

Stardander School for Witches offers many choices to make along the journey, from dialogue choices down to which magic wand to use and which element to join. Each will have an effect on elemental traits and be able to join like-minded witches to increase their strength.

The four magical elements in the world of Stardander are:

  • Fire – linked with the personality trait of bravery, and the magic of Invocation – used for offensive and defensive spells.
  • Water – linked with the personality trait of intelligence and the magic of Alchemy – is used for potions, enchantment items, healing, and restoration.
  • Earth – linked with the personality trait of kindness, and the magic of Connection – is used for sensing, telepathy, and pacts.
  • Air – linked with the personality trait of creativity, and the magic of Conjuration – is used for creating illusions and summoning objects or Fae.

Main Features Include: 

  • Colorful Cast: Play as four complex main characters, each with their own reasons for learning magic.
  • The Power of Friendship: Become friends or frenemies with your fellow witches-in-training.
  • Optional Battle System: Recruit your friends to help you battle dangerous Fae in a unique turn-based battle system.
  • Magical Companions: Talk to and form pacts with Fae to gain familiars.
  • Progress and Learn: Take classes, learn spells, and pass your exams. Use your power to cultivate magical plants and brew potions to enchant items.

The demo for Stardander School for Witches  is available now and contains about an hour of gameplay, covering the game’s first year. The visual novel plans to launch into Early Access later this year, giving players four years of school to go through. Stardander School for Witches will have a storyline that spans over seven years by the time it leaves Early Access.

To stay updated with the game’s development, wishlist it on Steam. Players can also join the game’s Discord. Those looking for more Stardander are encouraged to try the free Halloween-themed spinoff Stardander Revenant currently available on Steam.

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