(C506 Review) Join us to discover the unknown in Apocrypha Now / The Consortium Arcanum #1 by Red Hand Press!

What would happen if a shadow from the past came back to relive a life you left behind? This is the story of Carl Halson in Apocrypha Now / The Consortium Arcanum #1. If you want to know more about this incredible story, join us in this wonderful review and discover all that Red Hand Press has for you!

In Apocrypha Now / The Consortium Arcanum we meet Carl Halson, a former combatant of the Second World War, who upon returning to his daily life decided to get married and continue with the store he had created years ago.

The peace generated by daily life is overshadowed by the return of a relative of Mr. Halson. A letter and a forgotten past are all it takes to change Carl’s life.

This story is developed by Joe Rossomanno, who wrote and illustrated this story, being originally presented in 1995 as “Apocrypha Now“, developing two chapters for this story (and soon we will see a third completely new issue).

Let’s talk about the story behind Apocrypha Now / The Consortium Arcanum #1

Rossomanno has really presented us with a solid story, built around a myth, that allows us to explore a whole new universe. The writing of this comic, while presenting a considerable amount of text, allows us to explore and learn how this world develops, the relationships between the characters and learn about the dark past of our protagonist.

Regarding the illustration, Rossomanno has done an impressive visual work, in which we can see wonderful panels, full of life and, together with the color details implemented, allow us, as readers, to discover details, focus our attention and follow the reading order desired by the creator of this comic.

Overall, Apocrypha Now / The Consortium Arcanum #1 is a wonderful story, which allows us, as readers, to immerse ourselves in a completely new world and discover secrets, details and unique features. From C506 we really recommend to give this story a chance and discover an incredible world, full of shadows and lights. If you want to give a chance to this comic, we invite you to visit their Kickstarter page, where they are currently funding the second issue of this story, you can do it by entering the following link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1436486348/apocrypha-now-presents-the-consortium-arcanum-2.

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