Solis Game Studio Teams Up with Massive-Verse to Bring Image Comics’ Heroes to Card Game

San Diego Comic-Con 2023 witnessed a monumental partnership between Solis Game Studio and Image Comics’ Massive-Verse. The collaboration aims to transform Image Comics’ RADIANT BLACK, ROGUE SUN, INFERNO GIRL RED, and THE DEAD LUCKY into a captivating card game, powered by Solis’ Pocket Paragons system.

It will launch with a Kickstarter later this year, before hitting retail by summer 2024. A pre-launch page is currently up here.

The Massive-Verse Card Game will offer decks for the lead heroes and their foes, such as <001>, Cataclysm, The Griffin, and Pyre. This promises thrilling battles and unique character matchups, even extending to characters from other Pocket Paragons sets like RIVALS OF AETHER, AEGIS, and ACQUISITIONS INC.

Kyle Higgins, Massive-Verse co-founder, expressed excitement: “This isn’t a generic game with our brands slapped on top, this is a system that lets you play out the unique struggles and triumphs of our characters.”

Featuring artwork by renowned artist Dan Mora, known for his work on POWER RANGERS, BATMAN, and SUPERMAN, the Massive-Verse Pocket Paragons set is set to launch through a Kickstarter campaign, followed by a retail release in summer 2024.

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