(C506 Review) Darkness, despair and… Chihuahuas! That’s right, come and enjoy the review of Night of the Chihuahuas #2

In C506 we are proud to present reviews of the most important comics of the scene in recent years. Today is no exception, so we are pleased to present the review of Night of the chihuahuas #2. Stay tuned and find out what this amazing story has to offer you!

(W) David Quiroz Jr. 
(A) RC Torres / Albert Morales
(CA) Albert Morales

God made them small, man made them deadly

In this second issue of Night of the Chihuahuas, we pick up where we left off in the previous issue. Terror floods the city and it is necessary to find an escape from the small hunters that stalk our protagonists. The Chihuahuas are more dangerous than ever and this will be discovered in the worst possible way.

This story, distributed and produced by Pork Chop Express Productions, continues the terrifying tale we were introduced to from issue #1, where David Quiroz Jr. continues with the writing of this dark story. As in issue #1, it is necessary to highlight the prolific writing developed by Quiroz, who continues to provide the story with the suspense that characterized it, as well as the action and the bloody moments imparted by the little Chihuahuas!

On the art side, RC Torres and Albert Morales have presented a distinctive black and white artwork that evokes the horror of classic cinema films. Within the art of these wonderful illustrators, the presence of detail, the development of unique characteristics of each character and the depiction of shadowy environments abound, which are ideal for the style of story to be presented.

By integrating the story of David Quiroz Jr. along with the art of RC Torres and Albert Morales, we obtain a wonderful work, where the narrative elements and illustrations come to life, giving us as readers, elements that help characterize the work, building a myth about the story and providing a dark experience, which generates an environment of mystery and intrigue.

Regarding the dialogues, these have been presented throughout the story in a balanced way, where we have moments in which the story requires it to continue and at other times we have a total absence of text, which we believe is appropriate to provide the action and cruelty necessary to advance the story.

Therefore, we can conclude that Night of the Chihuahuas #2 is a worthy continuation of this work. It fulfills what was promised, a total carnage by the Chihuahuas and we continue with the arduous struggle of our protagonists to stay alive against this worthy adversary.

On behalf of C506, we really recommend this story and we invite you to learn more about this amazing work by visiting their official website https://nightofthechihuahuas.com/ .

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