INDIE TCG SERIES: Role of Fate Let´s Play Video

Welcome back to our TCG Series! As you recall, we’ve delved into the world of “Role of Fate,” a thrilling TCG currently on Kickstarter. Don’t miss the chance to support it here. With just 4 days to pledge, now’s the time to act.

We recommend checking out a captivating Let’s play video to provide insight into the game. This video showcases the intense PvP battles and sheds light on team synergies and the impact of equipment choices in combat.

A brief guide on playing is available below, and the rules are here.

Pre-Game Phase:

At the outset, players commence with 10 Attunement. This phase involves placing chosen Roles on the table along with starting equipment. Opt for up to 2 pieces of equipment, ensuring their total cost doesn’t surpass 10 Attunement or the “Locked Attunement” values.

Players then calculate their “Speed” stats to determine the turn order. If ties occur, a 20-sided die resolves it. Turn order significantly influences strategy. Each player receives unit and minion play pieces, positioning them in the back row of the battlefield.

During this phase, players can exchange cards in their deck for those in their reserves, optimizing their hand for the battles ahead. After shuffling, players draw 6 cards.

Player Phases 1-5:

The game proceeds in rounds, with each turn consisting of five phases:

  1. Beginning of Turn Effects, Replenish, Draw
  2. First Movement Phase
  3. Action / Reaction Phase
  4. Second Movement Phase
  5. End of Turn Effects, Discard, Directional Facing

Winning the Game:

“Role of Fate” centers on incapacitating all opposing team members. Incapacitated units act as structures until the battle concludes. The last standing team emerges as the victor.

As you navigate phases, employ strategy, and play your cards wisely, the depth and excitement of “Role of Fate” become evident. Remember, mastering the rules and leveraging your deck’s strengths will secure your path to triumph. Immerse yourself in this dynamic and engaging gameplay experience!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Stay tuned for more exciting details coming soon!

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Indie TCG Series: Enter the Realm of ‘Role of Fate’ – Now on Kickstarter!