Indie TCG Series – Kai Berserk TCG

Welcome, dear readers, to our Indie TCG Series! In today’s spotlight, we turn our attention to “Kai Berserk TCG,” an exciting creation by DSCOVR Simulations – a team of visionary game developers captivated by the mysteries of ancient Mars and the possibilities beyond. Discover more about this intriguing game on their website: here.

Anticipation is brewing as “Kai Berserk TCG” gears up for its Kickstarter debut. Stay informed by visiting the campaign link here.

Unveiling Kai Berserk: “Kai Berserk TCG” unfolds on the captivating terrain of Ancient Mars, where players wield an array of formidable assets in thrilling multiplayer battles. Embrace diverse gameplay, from intense battle royale to intimate 1v1 encounters, accommodating up to 6 players. Craft swift and dynamic strategies as the main deck reveals its array of cards and leverages the support of mighty Lad cards, each with unique abilities and limited health pools.

Gameplay and More: The gameplay boasts a sandbox-style battlefield for 2-6 players, where cunning tactics prevail. Forge tactics and combos on the fly, harnessing Lad cards for offense and defense, deploying Active cards to sway the tides, and wielding Instant cards to disrupt adversaries. Amidst the treacherous beauty of Ancient Mars, “Kai Berserk TCG” promises an immersive and engaging experience that’s both easy to learn and challenging to master.


Siege Summit: A Test of Skill: For those seeking heightened challenges, the 1v1 format known as Siege Summit awaits. Armed with personal decks called bags, players venture into finely tuned locations, drawing from their bag and the shared deck. Strategy is paramount in crafting powerful combinations, where every card holds the potential for game-changing maneuvers.

Unveiling the Lore: “Kai Berserk TCG” draws inspiration from a forgotten era on Martian soil. An ancient civilization, Homo-Extrema Altusa, hints at enigmatic origins and cosmic manipulation. As Ghal’s invasion looms, Lads – valiant warriors – stand ready to battle. Amid myths and legends, a tale of resilience and unity unfolds, guided by the hands of fate.

A Canvas of Artistry: “Kai Berserk TCG” celebrates the artistic spirit, with each card a masterpiece in itself. Rejecting AI-generated art, the game showcases full-art designs, often created by the talented community of partner artists. Art becomes a vessel for unity, as the game melds the beauty of creation with collaborative spirit.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about “Kai Berserk TCG.” Adventure awaits, dear readers, as you prepare to embark on a journey through the realms of Ancient Mars and beyond.

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