Indie TCG – Pixel Powers (LCG/CCG)

Welcome, Indie TCG enthusiasts! Every week brings new games that reflect the creativity of developers. Let’s dive into “Pixel Powers” a game created by Ethann Yakabuski from Canada. He lives and breathes strategic thinking. He’s a software developer by day, a downhill longboard event organizer and enthusiast by evening, and an entrepreneurial board game and card game developer by night. Check out the Kickstarter campaign for “Pixel Powers” at this link: Pixel Powers Kickstarter.


What is Pixel Powers?

Pixel Powers is designed for those who love deck building and tinkering with new strategies. It can be played against an opponent 1v1 like most battle games, but it also offers draft and dungeon challenge modes for solo play.

Pixel Powers currently allows you to play against an “AI” opponent on desktop, offering a taste of the game before deciding to purchase the physical product. While there are a few bugs to work out, this experience will give you a good sense of the game’s flow. You can read more and try the game on their website at Pixel Powers – Try the Game or browse the card library here.

One standout feature is the possibility to try the game on a desktop computer. Give it a try at Pixel Rush Single Player Dungeon.

Our Philosophy:

The card game industry faces certain issues, particularly with booster packs, power creep, and a focus on profit over balance. “Power creep” is when games are intentionally pushed to their limits to maximize profit, which can negatively impact the experience for players.

Pixel Powers TCG/LCG aims to break the industry habit of booster packs. Instead, it provides upfront card lists with all products and delivers balanced expansions that enhance existing gameplay rather than replacing it. There is no “standard rotation” in Pixel Powers.

Booster packs, with their unpredictable contents, mimic the allure of gambling. This can lead to substantial spending without guaranteed returns, a concerning practice, especially for young players. Pixel Powers aims to empower players to make informed purchasing decisions by offering card lists, reducing the element of chance, and limiting excessive spending.

Predatory gambling mechanics in TCGs, linked to booster packs, are problematic on multiple fronts. The industry can shift towards a more sustainable and ethical model prioritizing player well-being and skill-based engagement over monetary gains.

Pixel Powers promotes a shift in the trading card game industry. Cards are only available in the form of pre-constructed decks, ensuring players know exactly what they get every time, including some of the strongest cards that define the meta.

Trading card games should be about strategy and deck building, not who has the deepest pockets.

The road has had its challenges, including a copyright issue with the artwork. Despite setbacks, the game has been reworked with a personal artist, and a new “Slime Universe” has emerged. Quality tests have been conducted, and we’re ready for the real deal – Pixel Powers TCG and the first edition set “SlimeVerse.”

The manufacturing lead time for a set like this is approximately three weeks. With the campaign’s backing achieved on time, there should be no issues getting the cards to you for the upcoming Christmas season.

Pixel Powers is a game with a vision: to provide players with balanced and fair gameplay while breaking free from the booster pack model. It’s an exciting project that invites players to experience strategy and deck building without the gamble of booster packs. We look forward to seeing this innovative approach succeed in the TCG industry.

Stay tuned for more details about this game and other indie games. See you next time!

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