Mike Grell celebrates 50 years of career with a spectacular art book – Come and discover with us his wonderful life and work

The renowned illustrator and writer Mike Grell, celebrates 50 years of his wonderful artistic career. Known for his exceptional art, unique lines and a long list of comics under his name, Mike Grell invites us to enjoy his outstanding artistic career through a wonderful Art Book, stay tuned and don’t miss any detail.

Let’s discover this amazing art book

MixTape comics is the chosen one to bring this wonderful work of art to life. For the first time, a collection of lavishly painted, fully colored, and black and white pencil and ink illustrations by one of comics’ masters of the form, Mike Grell, is being made available. In association with Grell’s Masterstroke Studios, and assembled from the rarest of pieces of art culled from private collections of fans, this is a definitive examination of Grell’s most iconic characters in epic illustrations.

This will be a deluxe over-sized hardcover book, with high quality page stock, and colors. 

Dozens of fans have assembled to contribute hi-quality images of unique commissions by Grell, cover recreations, and some newly painted images from unique fan commissions spanning the following:

  • and more!

Mike Grell has done it all in his 50 years, and this book commemorates that with unique art pieces that represent every character and every book he has touched with his magic pencils and inks!

Let’s let the art speak from itself!

Bellow you will find some samples of artwork in the book (final images are still under consideration and may change before publication):

These pieces will be featured as single page and as two-page spreads throughout the book!

PLUS! Commentary included with actual comic pages and layouts by Grell!

That’s right, Mike Grell will give insights into his process, and specific director’s commentary about specific pages, giving fans a peek behind the curtain and into his thought process as he lays out and creates the page(s).

This art book also brings a unique opportunity for art collectors!

If you want to get yours signed and personalized, there are a limited number of those available to choose.

If you want a Quick Sketch, Head Sketch, or Full Figure Sketch from Mike, included inside the cover of the book, there are VERY limited categories to choose. Don’t hesitate. These will go fast, and you will have a unique edition of the ART BOOK with your sketch of choice included!

The Special Reason This Book Is Happening

Mike and his wife lost their son, Auston, after he had an accident while hiking on Thanksgiving 2023. After a prolonged fight in the hospital, Auston succumbed to his injuries, leaving the family devastated. The book is being dedicated to the memory of Auston and will hopefully help the family heal and recovery from that terrible loss.

Mike was overcome with emotions as the idea was presented to him, asking him for his help in creating and curating a definitive art collection, and commentary about select pieces and pages.

Where can you get your copy of this art book?

This project is being funded through Kickstarter, where you will not only find this art book, but you can also find original art, prints, autographs and much more!

You can access this project by clicking on the following link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mikegrellartbook/mike-grells-50th-anniversary-art-book

Be quick, this opportunity is for a limited time only!