Laguna Studios returns to Kickstarter to present The Surgeon Chapter 6: Blood

Laguna Studios presents a new installment of its acclaimed comic book, The Surgeon. With the development of a 6th chapter we continue with the story of this wonderful world following Doc Hanover. Continue with us and discover the wonderful story of The Surgeon Chapter 6: Blood.


When we last saw Doc Hanover, she was standing in her undies, chucking rocks at Little Bird. Her lover had stolen everything, including her weapons and Old Paint. Yes, to some extent, she is a victim in this situation, but if you look at the larger picture, what goes around has more or less come around.

She arrived at this point after disappointing the people of Turtle Island, leaving the fort without a doctor when they needed one and asked her in no uncertain terms to stay. She also broke her word with the First Nations United, who were counting on her help to raid the Tunnel Rats and bust up a slave-trading operation.

Instead, she decided to run off with Little Bird, very much enamored, and commit to a life of mean, wild, passionate banditry with no rhyme or reason and no eye to the future. Little Bird, however, was playing a long con, and set her up perfectly — just to knock her down.

As we begin Chapter 6, Painty is stolen, Little Bird is on the run, and Hanover is furious and alone, on the wrong side of a whole bunch of burned bridges.

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John Pence: Author, Letters
Omar Zaldivar: Pencils
Hedwin ZaldivarColors
Laurie Foster: Editor
Sarah WhiteGraphic Designer

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Laguna Studios is a woman-owned independent comic book company with a team spread out all over the world. They create, print, and publish high-quality comics. The usual suspects: Laurie Foster (Inker/Editor): Laurie has been drawing for more than 15 years and professionally inking for 8. She is also a graphic designer, editor, and cosplayer! She has done work for Valiant Entertainment, Kymera Press, and many others. Sarah White (Graphic Design/Marketing): Sarah is a professional graphic artist with over 15 years of experience and a degree in graphic and web design. She is also a professional hobby collector who dabbles in costuming, painting, sculpting, woodworking, and pretty much anything that looks interesting.