Let’s review: Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game, the new collaboration between Solis Game Studio and Image Comics

At C506 we’ve declared ourselves fans of board games, it’s no secret that Solis Game Studio has published some of our favorite board games, such as Pocket Paragons and Frenemy Pastry Party. Today we had the pleasure to play their upcoming board game, Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game, if you want to know the whole experience, continue with us.

Producer & graphic designer: Michael Busuttil
Massive-verse creators: Abel, French Carlomagno, Melissa Flores, Mat Groom, Kyle Higgins, Igor Monti, Ryan Parrott.
Box & Character artist: Dan Mora.
Card Artist: Abel, Raúl Angulo, French Carlomagno, Zé Carlos, Marcelo Costa, Erica D’Urso, Mattia Iacono, Triona Farrell, Eduardo Ferigato, Chris O’Halloran, Natalia Marques, Igor Monti, Simone Ragazzoni, Marco Renna.

The Massive-verse is a universe developed by Image Comics, composed of an incredible variety of series. Some of the regulars include RADIANT BLACK, ROGUE SUN, THE DEAD LUCKY and NO/ONE. In addition, there are limited series such as INFERNO GIRL RED, RADIANT RED, RADIANT PINK and C.O.W.L., which has captured readers in a reinvention of what super heroes are all about and has allowed for the enjoyment of these stories for both old and new readers alike.

Solis Game Studio brought this universe to our homes with the Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game board game, which has the same game mechanics as Pocket Paragons and is compatible with its other expansions, which makes this game a unique experience for players, so we can enjoy it individually or expand a game already well-known to us.

In  Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game, each player selects a character and places their Character card and Ultimate card on the table, with other cards in their hand. Both players start with 10 HP and 0 energy, tracked using dials. The objective is simple: either bring your opponent’s HP to zero or execute them.

Let’s discover the contents of this game

This board game includes the following contents:

  • 8 Paragon deks
  • 8 dividers
  • 2 player dials
  • 1 rulebook

Now, let’s talk about the gameplay

As we mentioned initially, The Massive-Verse maintains the same gameplay as Pocket Paragons, a fast-paced two-player game, which can last from 5 to 15 minutes. The whole game is full of excitement, being such a fast-paced game, it keeps the players engaged.

The Massive-Verse gives us a unique experience, as it allows us to further explore a world created by incredible artists, each card is brilliantly executed, showing us panels from different comics of the franchise. Additionally, Dan Mora’s designs for the characters are wonderful, it is incredible to see such a talented artist developing these cards, allowing us to enjoy the graphics present on our cards.

Our verdict…

Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game works both as a standalone game as well as an expansion to Pocket Paragons. Solis Game Studio made an extraordinary adaptation of Massive-Verse, which allows us to dive deeper into this wonderful world, discover more details about the characters and enjoy the gameplay of this board game. The mechanics are easy to learn, allowing both hardcore and casual gamers to enjoy this game.

Another point in its favor is the adaptation of the comic to a board game. In previous occasions we have seen how similar attempts have failed, nevertheless, with Massive-Verse, this adaptation has congruence, making the board game have a concordance with the story, its characters and actions, so you can really appreciate the effort of the developers to obtain this result. Additionally, having Dan Mora for the development of the character cards and the design of the box is a wonderful decision, transforming the game itself into a work of art.

If you want to try this game for yourself, we invite you to save the Kickstarter campaign for this game, which will be available soon. Don’t miss this great opportunity to be part of the Massive-verse https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solisgamestudio/massive-versecardgame.

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