Indie TCG Series: DX MONSTERS – Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Welcome back, Indie Games lovers! Today, we have an exciting game to review: DX Monster TCG. This thrilling trading card game is soon to hit Kickstarter, and you can follow its progress here.

DX Monster TCG was created by Levelup Lemon, a gaming company that launched in 2021. Founders Adam Woolard and Adrian Massenburg had a vision to create a game they would want their children to play someday. They released their first product, DX Monsters Trading Card Game, in 2022 while still building their brand. They have many other exciting products planned for the future.

DX Monsters is an easy-to-play TCG with simple mechanics that require strategic thinking. Prepare for war as Zones collide and Zone Masters seek the remnants of the Imperial Crystal.

Familiarize yourself with setup and card types. Choose freely from summoning, moving, attacking, or using other cards during your turn. The goal is to Zone your opponent, eliminating their shields. To learn more about the game and its mechanics, visit their website here. They have a variety of how to play videos available, such as this one.

Now, let’s delve into the game’s captivating lore. From the dawn of time, the Imperial Spirits, three god-like entities, created the dimensions of the universe. They shared their Green, Red, and Blue Imperial powers with their creations. However, for unknown reasons, the Imperial Spirits fled their universe and created a new dimension known as DIMENSION X (DX). DX was meant to be a realm filled with life, power, and intelligence.

The Imperial Spirits then created a god-like being named Sumaz to safeguard and nurture DX using the Imperial Crystal and its Life water. Sumaz was a magnificent being, resembling the Imperial Spirits themselves. However, power has a way of corrupting, and Sumaz began to abuse his authority, striking down life forms he deemed unworthy.

The Imperial Spirits warned Sumaz of the consequences, but he believed he could create a better DX. He even started crafting new life forms. Over time, Sumaz’s nature changed, tainting the once pure Life Water from the Imperial Crystal. This corruption spread, transforming humanoids into beasts, turning fairies to darkness, and making animals aggressive and poisonous. The Life Water turned black, becoming a poison to DX itself.

With no other choice, the Imperial Spirits had to stop Sumaz. Their powers alone were insufficient to destroy him, so they banished him to the Dark Dimension, locking him away in eternal darkness. But before he was banished, Sumaz shattered the Imperial Crystal, dividing DX into different zones.

Dimension-X was forever changed. Divided and in constant conflict, the zones fought over the shards of the shattered Imperial Crystal. Meanwhile, Sumaz, now known as Zamus, grew stronger in the darkness of the Dark Dimension, patiently waiting for the moment to exact his revenge and finish what he started.

Will DX ever reclaim its former glory as the perfect dimension it was meant to be? Or will it forever be plagued by war and monstrous creatures? The war to conquer DX has begun.

If you’re eager to dive into the game, starter decks are available. These pre-constructed 40-card decks are ready for immediate play and each possess their own unique playstyle. They serve as an excellent introduction for new players and can be further enhanced with Booster packs to elevate your gaming experience.

Get ready to embark on an epic adventure in DX Monster TCG, where battles and strategic choices will shape the destiny of Dimension-X. Will you be the one to restore balance and peace, or will you succumb to the darkness? The choice is yours!

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