Hello, Indie TCG lovers. Welcome back to another review. Today, we will dive into the exciting world of Universe of Legends TCG, a new card game developed and created by Vincent Wideman. This fast-paced trading card game immerses players in the role of a D-Ranger, tasked with protecting their universe from colliding with others.

As a D-Ranger, strategic deck-building is key. Construct your Universe (Deck) with powerful Legends, Minions, and items to defend against other universes. Universe of Legends will soon be launching on Kickstarter, so be sure to keep an eye out for its release click here.

One aspect that stands out about Universe of Legends is its rich lore. The game’s official website provides a glimpse into the fascinating tale of Atlas, an extraordinary being who chronicles the stories within the Nexus Timeline. His narrative alterations inadvertently lead to branching timelines, creating a multitude of distinct realities.

The card design in Universe of Legends is clear and easy to read, with information such as resource cost, attack, defense, and more. The artwork is visually appealing, and each card features flavor text that adds depth to the game’s universe.

In terms of gameplay, Universe of Legends introduces innovative mechanics that reduce randomness and add strategic depth. The game features six card types: units, items, anchors, actions, reactions, and barriers. Units are further divided into minions, legends, and celestials, each with unique abilities and attributes. Items provide stat bonuses and can be stacked under legends, while anchors offer powerful abilities but take up field zones. Actions and reactions allow players to cast spells and react to opponents’ moves. Barriers serve as life points and trigger abilities at various times.

To set up the game, players need to choose five barrier cards of different colors, which determine the colors of cards they can include in their decks. Deck construction requires a 40-50 card Universe deck consisting of units, anchors, and items. Players can have up to three copies of any minion or item, one copy of any legend, celestial, or anchor, and a deck of 10 actions and reactions. Additionally, special alpha cards add extra power to the game, with players limited to including one alpha card in their decks.

The gameplay begins with selecting two cards as starting resources and drawing five cards from the Universe deck. From there, players strategize and make tactical decisions to outwit their opponents. you can check the How to Play video below for more details.

Universe of Legends TCG offers an engaging and cinematic experience for players of all ages. With its lore, card design, and innovative mechanics, this game promises to be a thrilling addition to the TCG genre. Stay tuned for the Kickstarter launch and get ready to explore the vast multiverse of Universe of Legends!

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