The Original SPAWN Action Figure in Kickstarter is getting better and better – 7 days to go

Only 7 days to go for the original SPAWN Action Figure in Kickstarter. So far, we have received metal comics, gold comics, gold signatures, stands, accessories, extra weapons, head sculpts and MORE.

I spoke with Todd days ago and he really loves this project. He is working hard and happy, and I’m sure we all in the action figures and comicverse too.

We really want to get people to know more about this Kickstarter, specially our Latino readers, I have spoke with 20+ ppl who didn’t know, and immediately went to pledge. this is a very important reissue.

Guinness World Record Breaker, Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn and co-creator of Marvel’s Venom has been a leader in toy innovation for the past 25 years with his company, McFarlane Toys. Todd is also President of Image Comics, the third-largest comic book company in the world.

Spawn is something we love and grew up with.

Please come and take a look, there are MANY OPTIONS. Are you low in budget, OK there’s an option, or you can get all the figures, or 6 figures, autographs and more.

There are 8 videos. In the Kickstarter, come and take a look. This project is 100% C506 Recommended. This is a global Kickstarter, Mcfarlane Toys is shipping to the entire world and even lowered the prices on the figures to save on shipping.

Just in case, we have Mcfarlane Toys – Social Media:

Direct link to Kickstarter:

My friend and editor, Gibran – A fan of Todd, made a very special editorial about his carrer IN SPANISH but  we have autotranslate just in case.

Come and check the interview we had with Mr. Mcfarlane in English and Spanish.

Also we have an amazing open Raffle for 3 Spawns from MK11, and unboxings for the entire DC Comics Mcfarlane Toys reviews in video.

take a look here, today we are giving away the figures thanks to Mcfarlane Toys.


7 days to go! 1 entire week more of surprises and time to move those numbers, come and follow us, support the Kickstarter and let us know in social Media.

Remember, you wont be able to get this figures ever again, and Mcfarlane Toys will continue to produce more based on results.

Lets hope for Mcfarlane Dragons as I spoke with Mr. Mcfarlane :D!.

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