Dominate the ancient world with Rise of the Amazons

Alcyon Creative returns with one of its incredible board games and this is Rise of the Amazons, a game where we must conquer the ancient world as one of the 4 legendary Amazons. Follow us to discover more about this great game.

Rise of the Amazons is a board game that integrates strategy together with management, without neglecting the action, which can be enjoyed individually or with up to 4 players.

As a player you can choose one of the four Amazon roles that Rise of the Amazons presents, below you can see the details of each of these factions.

In Rise of the Amazons our duty will be to conquer the ancient world with the help of the other Amazons, for this we must face heroes tales like Heracles and Achilles, we must also face monsters like Cerberus and the Minotaur.

Now, how to play Rise of the Amazons?  to understand it better Alcyon Creative gives us a quick game guide.

And for those who ask you, what can we find inside Rise of the Amazons box?

Rise of the Amazons is a unique board game that presents a solid foundation in the stories of the Amazon tribe, with easy to understand rules and allows us to be immersed in a highly strategic game with many possibilities.

Rise of the Amazons is an exclusive Kickstarter game, in this campaign you will be able to acquire Rise of the Amazons as well as the other wonderful games from Alcyon Creative, so do not hesitate to enter their page Rise of the Amazons.

Also, if you back the project now, you will be able to get the expansion card pack of $5 for FREE as a add-on. This expansion has been unlocked since day 1, as well, Alcyon Creative will include a cooperative mode, to complete the competitive and solo experience!!

If you are still not fully convinced to acquire Rise of the Amazons you can try the game on Tabletopia by clicking here.

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