Aaron Kincaid has come to Kickstarter to present Funeral for Heroes – Stay tuned and find out what it’s all about!

As we always say at C506, Kickstarter is a wonderful world, where, as readers, we can enjoy wonderful stories from incredible minds who want to bring their creations to life. Today we are pleased to present Funeral for Heroes, Aaron Kincaid’s most recent comic. Continue with us and don’t miss any detail.

Funeral for Heroes introduces a connected world set in the current day, but heavily influenced by the storytelling in cult classic 80’s movies like The Thing, Gremlin’s, They Live, as well as subversive tales like Black Mirror. Intended for mature audiences. Issue #1 features 3 surprising stories, Second Thoughts, My Bad, and Hands.

Second Thoughts

What will it take to make a straight-laced paragon of virtue like Skye-Crest break a vow? Big fight scenes, sharks, video games, pyramids, wedding dress shopping, deadly viruses, and of course…monkeys. This story just about has it all.

My Bad

What happens when a vigilante is haunted by more than just his past? Bill already thinks he’s having a bad day, but it only gets worse when he awakes in an abandoned warehouse, face to face with the new vigilante in town who has been dropping bodies all over.


What are Star-Killer moles, and do they make good pets? Jordan and Mandy are hiking. They are certainly not looking for great spots for selfies when a curious creature catches Jordan’s eye. Let’s get a closer look, what could possibly go wrong?

Let’s talk about where to get your copy of Funeral for Heroes

As we mentioned at the beginning, this project is being financed through Kickstarter, where you can find not only this comic, but also variant covers, original art and much more! So we invite you to enter the page of this project and be part of it https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2htheory/funeral-for-heroes

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