Jenna Ortega sought for significant part in Beetlejuice 2 casting

Beetlejuice 2, the long-awaited sequel to Tim Burton’s 1988 classic, may finally see fan-favorite Wednesday actor Jenna Ortega in a significant role. Despite several starts and stops over the years, the latest iteration sparked development reports in early 2022, with original stars Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder expected to reprise their roles as Beetlejuice and Lydia. However, progress on the sequel was slow throughout 2022.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ortega is currently in talks for a major role in Beetlejuice 2. While nothing is official yet, production is tentatively scheduled to begin in late May or early June, contingent on the budget. If cast, Ortega would play Ryder’s daughter. Keaton and Burton are also expected to return for the sequel.

Impact of Ortega’s Casting on Beetlejuice 2

Jenna Ortega y Tim Burton / Beetlejuice

If cast in Beetlejuice 2, it would be another impressive addition to Ortega’s filmography. The young star is currently enjoying critical acclaim for her lead role in Netflix’s Wednesday, directed by Burton himself, as well as her portrayal of one of the final girls in 2022’s Scream. Ortega will also appear in the upcoming Scream VI. Her successful collaboration with Burton on Wednesday likely played a role in her potential casting for Beetlejuice 2, although it’s worth noting that Ortega appears to be a natural fit for the role of Lydia’s daughter.

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