Abraxas presents Alien Terrodactyls #1 – A comic featuring lots of action, violence, blood and alien dinosaurs!

At C506 we have previously featured some great Abraxas projects, such as Punkin Patch and Chill Cubes. Now, the company has presented us “Alien Terrodactyls #1 – Guts & Glory!” Come and discover with us what this wonderful story is about!

Creator & Letters – Cuyler Pagano
Inks – Stan Yak
Colors – Antonio Ramos

An alien race has seeded a breed of enhanced DNA pterodactyls that have stayed in hibernation for over 100 million years. The alien pterodactyls have come to life in post apocalyptic America in the year 2125. In the heart of the southwest a small group of survivalists are humanity’s last hope.

Based in the Sandia Mountains just outside the remains of Albuquerque, NM Commander Frank Dagger and his rag-tag militia men are preparing for an all out assault on the Alien’s stronghold. An epic battle for the ages….

Would you like to see a preview of Alien Terrodactyls?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Next we will see a preview of this intriguing story.

Now, we will discover how to get your copy of Alien Terrodactyls #1

Alien Terrodactyls #1 is being funded through Kickstarter, where you can get unique rewards, which you will not see anywhere else. Below you can see some of the products offered in this campaign.

But these are just some of the rewards you can get, you can also acquire metal covers, explosive packs, unique variant covers and much more! so if you don’t want to miss this opportunity, go to the page of this campaign and be part of this incredible comic https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/abraxasdao/alien-terrodactyls-1-guts-and-glory-limited-edition.

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