There is a subgenre in movies called “You messed with the wrong person”.  Sisu is the most recent outstanding member of this group

Aatami Korpi is a Winter War veteran who lives in the Nazi occupied Finland. He has become a gold seeker, and one day HE FINDS IT! Now he must go to Helsinki to deposit it. The problem is he finds a Nazi unit that discovers what he is hiding and now tries to take it away from him. Aatami snaps and fights to get back what belongs to him WITH EXTREME VIOLENCE.
The movie is a bloodbath with action and gore packed scenes having the audience wondering what is the next unbelievable method he will use to get rid of the enemy.
The cinematography is beautiful, you can see the landscapes and nature very well filmed which adds an ironic touch of beauty between all the blood and grotesque executions.
Jorma Tommila does a good job as this guy who is only taking care of his business, a man of few words who can make you scream for help just with a gaze. Just like Rambo, character who was the inspiration of Jalmari Helander, the director.
The rest of the characters complete this story. commandew Bruno Helldorf (Aksel Hennie) and his henchmen help Aatami to reach this Finnish “Nirvana”: The Sisu, a term with no translation but can be defined as “Strenght of will even beyond human limits”. This Sisu is what brings them to their demise and locals are well aware of this unique strength, like Aino (Mimosa Willamo) a girl who is kept along with other women in a truck  who get all inspired after watching what Sisu can reach.
If you are into action, blood, adrenaline and characters that are beyond good and evil, Sisu is a must for you. In theathers tomorrow, April 28th.