Welcome to our Indie TCG Series! In this exclusive interview, we speak with Curtis Shelton creator of Legion Fantasy, the new turn-based strategy war game that combines trading card and tabletop gameplay. The Kickstarter campaign for the game, which aims to produce 500 copies with a goal of $5,000, will run from May 12 to June 30, 2023. With a unique General and Legions to defeat opponents on the battlefield, the game promises a thrilling gameplay experience. Not only that, but the campaign also offers exclusive Alt-Art cards and a limited edition version to support autism research, making it a game with a noble purpose. Be sure to sign up here to get notifications about the Kickstarter, and read on to learn more about the inspiration behind Legion Fantasy.

What is your gaming experience?

Aside from everyone’s typical story, I have played video, board or card games my whole life. I have been a play tester for EA games as well quite a few indie TCGs, as well worked on a TCG project that started 2019. Which was truly an ambitious TCG that had multiple modes like a traditional method of playing as a TCG or using the same fighter cards on a game board. Sadly later it was canceled due to a difference in direction between the whole team. This game would have seen the day of light as it had successful funding by 2021, and would have been released in April 2022.

What inspired you to create this game?

After the death of the previous TCG project myself, and my fellow co-creator Phil who was a part of the old team decided to take what we contributed which was  the board game aspects, and decided to spin the old concept we had incorporated into a chess-like game. Where you would use tokens as your game pieces to move around the battlefield, and use your TCG style game deck to help aid those pieces or as we call them units or officers.


For how long, you been working on this game?

With the current game almost a year, and a half. Now mind you used the skeleton of the previous TCG board game mode that was developed for almost 4 years prior. This includes play testing amongst our own play tester group, a few professionals who worked for mainstream gaming companies, friends, and a few eager children. All ranging from the ages of 9 years old to the oldest 54 years old all who learned within one to three games depending on personal gaming experience along with having a few language barriers as well.

What is the biggest challenge you have had in this project?

Our biggest challenge, surprisingly wasn’t game play testing or card issues due to the fact we had quite a bit of previous game testers before to help test out the new game. It was getting collaborations for the game to help expand the vision we have for the game itself and its future. We were very fortunate now to have a total of seven collaborators now. Plus getting the game cards gradable which we can officially say that you will soon be able to grade our cards through Koba grading, and more in the future.

What makes this game different from the others?

Well you see there are a few TCG or card games that made a card version of chess or even board games that allow you to use one or three characters that you can command on the board, and use a deck to help aid them in some way.

So we decided to take these concepts to the next level where not only do you have those three characters which we call officers, you also have units which have class types Warrior, Mage, and Ranger that all have their own specific stats. You can play a total of 15 of these units, which gives the feel like you are literally commanding your own army or we call Legion. Then to add on top you have a General who helps boost your units as well your officers, and their HP counts as your base health which is located on the game board or we calm the battlefield. All these elements give you the feel of a war scenario which creates a lot of fun, and competitive action for the players.

Which is your favorite card and why?

This literally has to be single handedly the hardest question that has been asked. So all the cards have been built pretty balanced to ensure that skill, and strategy is the key in winning the game. Plus I like all the cards created in the game, all unique to their own, But I have to say it’s “Angel, Protector of the Light ”, which one of the main reasons is just how unique she is as a General. Due to her giving a +2 to Move it allows her units, and officers to move around the board quicker which fits my play style. Plus the fact she is an absolutely gorgeous illustration, as well she plays a very intricate part of the main story.

What are the 3 main factors that players should support this project?

All in one Deal – So there are so many TCG/CCG or even ones in the indie market that are trying to make money off basically cut paper. Charging between $20 to $30 for just one deck with maybe a paper mat. Sometimes you might get lucky to have a few packs from the current booster box.

So what we are offering is way more than that for only just $40 for 1 Core Game. Which our core game includes 4  35 card decks, a double sided 20x20in game board, and 92 Diamond tokens. Which means you get a lot more for what you pay for.

Collectibility –  We still offer collectibility for our game which would be featured within our limited editions or promotional content. In which we would not just have generic Alt-art style, but bring you characters from other creators from indie TCG, Board game or even from a few notable TTRPG Podcasts for our Limited Editions. Which can be graded by Koba Grading as well as others in the near future.

Plus whenever we do a limited or promotional content we are always going to aim for a good cause. Our limited edition for our first Kickstarter will donate $1 for each Limited Edition sold to The Organization for Autism Research. As a father, and a teacher to so many children who have had it rough for themselves with unsuspected challenges. I always do my best to make sure that they get what they need to better themselves to have a successful future, and with that I hope that I can use the game to do the same as well.

Portability– It was such a surprise to see how amazingly compact the sample game was when it came in. It easily fits all four decks plus tokens in a nice little tray, with the game board on top which all fits in the box so well. Which just makes it perfect to travel with, I bring it to the school to play with the children ranging from the ages of 9 – 14 years old to play in our spare time, along with some indie TCG & board games I have backed as well.

What are the future plans you see for the game?

Once we successfully shipped the initial Kickstarter game, we already would be in development of our Expansion set for the game which will include two new decks which will completely feature characters from our collaborators which the set will be called “Chaotic Rift”. Confirmed one deck will be completely based on “Don’t Trust the Smiling DM Podcast” called “Dungeon Mayhem”. Which will expand in new cards to play for the game as well story lore for the game itself. Which would be planned to release early 2024.

After that mid 2024 we would be aiming to release new Core Set Heroes VS Villains. This core set would feature Hero, Villain cards which would function after a unit you control defeats X amount of opponents units or officers they will then evolve into a Hero or Villain card of your choosing. Plus we will also feature a PVE mode where you can solo or group up with fiends to card off a Boss Card set with abilities, and there own Legion to control as well.

Early 2025 like the previous expansion before will feature two new decks, but this time they will include a hero, and villain which will be called “No More Heroes”.

Then mid 2025 will be the next Core Set called  “Collision” which will feature counter cards, and abilities.

With all these sets coming out will build a story or lore which everyone will be able to follow, which will include more collaborations with fellow indie TCG, Board or TTRPGs creating a unique universe experience for everyone. We also have plans for another card game as well, and multiple new game modes, and features like a TTRPG mode that will come to the Legion – Fantasy Board Game itself.

We hope you enjoyed this exclusive interview with the creator of Legion Fantasy. With its unique blend of trading card and tabletop gameplay, Legion Fantasy promises to offer gamers an exciting experience. Don’t forget to sign up for notifications about the Kickstarter campaign, and be sure to support the limited edition version to aid autism research. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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