Come with us and discover a wonderful world of art with TUCO’S BIG HOT SKETCHBOOK – Only on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a gateway to a world full of art and color, where artists join with supporters to bring amazing ideas to life. Today, C506 is proud to present Tuco’s big hot sketchbook, an art book born from the mind of the incredible illustrator Tuco el Buitre, come and discover it with us!

Tuco in an illustrator, storyboard artist for publicity, and a long-term comic teacher. In recent years, he has dedicated himself to the realization of personal comic projects as well as participating as a comic artist in several indie-comic productions. Born in Italy, adopted by the rest of the world.

Tuco have been entertaining comic readers on Kickstarter since 2020 with 6+1 episodes of “Angelica 1946”, the sexy adventures of a stunning woman with no memory in Sicily after World War II, with 2 episodes of “Astro Riders”, some “Star Wars” but for mature readers, again 2 one shot indie comics: “Shorts!”, and “Wrong Way Blues”, and the erotic-bloody “Mademoiselle De Sade”, the imaginary teen daughter of the well famous Marquis De Sade surviving the French Revolution thanks to her killer body (written by Marcella Maudite)!

One-page-comic-newspaper (“Angelica 1946” Second Season -Sugar Zombie Lady #1)

This sketchbook features all sketches and doodles of the girl characters from Tuco’s comic book indie trip, stunning female characters from outer space to the French Revolution, and passing by dark wonderland zombies!

TUCO’S BIG HOT SKETCHBOOK collects sketches, and studies of Tuco’s stories and characters, but brings also to life UNCENSORED PAGES from the original stories, in particular for:

  • Angelica 1946, 3 pages special –Shibari Dream!- (pages cut from Episode #5 “Angelica Back Home!”); 3 pages special, -Cemetery Happy Hour!- (pages cut from “Sugar Zombie Lady #1”)
  • Astro Riders, 3 pages special -Alien Tentacles!-  (pages cut from “Penny & Nick Episode #2”)
  • Mademoiselle De Sade, (two times “projectwelove” by Kickstarter!) 3 pages special, -At Your Service, Mistress!- 4 pages special, (pages cut from “Alphonse Ep. #1”).-The Ritual is complete, now!-  (pages cut from “The Terror! Ep. #3”)

for a total of 16 brand-new pages! … that now you can watch separately! Only Mature Readers!-

In this campaign you will not only get this artbook, but you will also find other Tuco comics, original art, prints and much, much more! so don’t wait any longer, go to the following link and be part of this wonderful artbook

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